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‘Topesellersneakers’ Review

Hey everyone welcome to my review of On this review we are going to be looking at the sneaker store to see if they are a legit site or not. One of the questions people really wanna know about the site is if they are a scam or not and in this review we are going to be telling you just that.

So hopefully no one has already placed an order or has paid the site to deliver sneakers because for all we know the site is very risky and not trustworthy. So this is what we shall be looking at and if you have also bought from the site we hope to hear from you and also anyone who has come across some suspicious site please do report them to us. Now let’s take a look at the reason why you shouldn’t buy from the site.


Red flags 

1. The prices

What do you think about the prices that are being charged on this online store. If you ask me honestly they look quite too good to be true if the site will be sending us some legit stuff and not counterfeit sneakers or t-shirts.

Can I get a bike sneaker which costs $150 bucks for as little as $ 20? No, unless they are sending you fake items of course which they should disclose to us first before claiming its a reduction in price.

2. Too new to trust

We looked up the details of the site and found out thaybthis site is also too new to trust. According to these details the site was created in July around the 15th just to be sure you can also check on the whois details link will leave so you can see for yourself how new the site is. You cannot risk buying from a site this new.

3. Contact details

It’s also quite worrisome that the site has not left us any contact details except an email address The email does look funny and doesn’t even have the domain name of the site in it. Well scammers never give fake email address because they know you can’t do anything about it. But they haven’t given any address or a phone number to call and that is real suspicious.





If owners you and I came across the online store inwoukdnt buy from them. They are too good to be true and are hiding details and too new to trust as well so there is absolutely no reason why I should trust them and even if they were indeed sending something after I make a Paynent it really wouldn’t be a good quality item but a counterfeit. Don’t buy from this fake online store unless you can risk receiving counterfeit items and getting nothing at all or even getting over charged in the worst if cases. If you have more questions regarding what is or a scam to report please leave a comment

Good luck

10 comments on “ Review : Scam or legit?

    1. Donny Post author

      Ann… why order something from what I already know to be a scam. I would be stupid and daily would be losing a couple hundred dollars just to help someone and prove a point. Don’t get scammed

    2. Angry Old Grandpa

      AnnG, why don’t you order and get scammed just so you can tell others. I really get frustrated when I see people that really have this low thinking capacity.

      You mean the guy has got to go get scammed just so you can believe him? You know when you finally realise you have been scammed these guys may be long gone. If this doesn’t satisfy you just go buy from them and then come back later to tell us you been scammed.

      The only thing that I have seen upset me so often is people that don’t reason. Common thinking.

      Thanks Donny great Infor here. I thought it was a scam too and found some customer complaints against them already.

    3. Daniel

      I just ordered something I thought it was a scam later on, but it’s actually not! but their stuff is from China making it kind of scam because it doesn’t disclose anywhere on the site that is from China, the shipping takes 2 weeks or more but overall for the price I think it’s worth it.

  1. Aticilef Srewolf

    Thank you ever so much for this article. I’ve been looking at these deals and the contact info is from India. I have watched the page grow over the past month and what made me think that maybe just maybe it could be a bit legit was the offering of pay pal. Which that’s legit right? No, it is not. I contacted pay pal she there are sites that offer this but don’t honor it exactly leaving you to hold the bag after pay pal cannot even correlate your purchase to a proper left business or IP. I’m a single mom struggling so I thought well in conversion sense maybe they are right cheap because of this aspect as well. But as the saying goes, “if it seems too good to be true, it is”. You go against your gut and you’re bound to fail as I’ve found out multiple times. So thank you ever so much for bringing awareness to this site. Plus it’s not even BBB accredited or anything. Just be safe everyone as loads of us want wishful thinking with the economy as it is but…… Cheers

  2. Rosanne

    I ordered from them and never received my merchandise. When I tried to get into my account, my password is no good n they don’t respond to change password. The contact phone number is fake also. Guess I have been scammed!

  3. F L Hollingworth

    I purchased a pair of shoes. Tracking said they were delivered but they weren’t. I have tried many times to contact them but no luck. I think it’s a scam. I suggest you stay away.


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