Review : Scam or legit?

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Hello everyone and welcome to our review of Lately there have been a lot of questions regarding an online store that claims to be selling Nintendos and play stations and other related items. The online store is new and most likely advertising as the number of people looking them up seems to suggest. So we took some time to see if they can be trusted or are they a scam. As you shall find out in this review , the online store has been reported as a scam and bad online store to buy from however if you wish to buy you may need to be real sure before making a purchase. Below is some stuff that you may need to know about the site.


Questions you may have

1. Is the company registered

Shoponix according to our research is a company which is surprisingly registered in the UK, the company is relatively new and was registered in 2019 according to the Beta Company records of the United Kingdom. The details of the company we found are given below at Beta Companies.


12097233 РIncorporated on 11 July 2019

Unit 12 Eton Business Park, Eton Hill Road, Manchester, United Kingdom, M26 2ZS

2. Are the prices realistic

Lately here have been a lot of scam sites that have been claiming to be selling Nintendo switch and other related items. The sites have been mostly scam sites and have been charging prices which are unrealistic and too good to be true. The prices on Shoponix however seem realistic but are still fake

3. Is the site new?

The online store is indeed new and possibly why they are advertising. There is so much that has been said about the site except a few reviews including one customer review which stated that the company has good customer services but this was clearly their own planned fake review. There also has been many claims that no confirmation email was sent to the receiver which may be a cause of concern and many people have reported that they are a scam






Already there have been many complaints from customers who have been scammed. We cannot ignore these facts that there are complaints of no email received for confirmation and scam reports. If you have also experienced the same please let us know so we can help others and make them aware . Don’t get scammed and also make sure to report any scam sites you may come across or share your views regarding what is to help increase awareness.

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