‘Kouppao’ Review : Is Kouppao.com a scam or legit?

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‘Kouppao.com’ Review

Cyber Theft

Kouppao online store located at Kouppao.com is a fake online store that claims to be selling some sneakers. The site is new and has been reported and hence the existence of this review. In this review we shall be looking at the site and assessing if they are a legit online store or a scam site. With all the evidence we shall be presenting here there is no doubt that the site is fake and risky to buy from. You won’t get your items. Of you have been scammed be sure to share a review in the comments section and for an answer to all your questions regarding what is Kouppao.com below are some of the scam signs on the site.


Scam Signs

1. The site is too cheap

Is there something such as too cheap to trust? Well in the world of online stores there is and there are a lot of such sites. Kouppao.com claims to be selling these sneakers at 50% off. If it was for a day or for one product or a black Friday special it would be understandable. The prices here are too good to be true and definitely fake and just a way to get you to send the site some money.

2. Fake reviews

To make their site more legit the scammers have put up some fake reviews on the site. You can tell the reviews are fake because the site was created after the dates that the reviews claim to be from. The reviews were dated over 4 months ago and some 2 months ago from the date of review and the site is only about a month old.

3. Too new

Yes clearly the site is too new to be trusted. According to the details on whois the site was created in June 2020 and was registered for short term too meaning they won’t be online for long.

4. Fake contact details

PHONE: +85254279848; +85254279848

HOURS: all week from all time

E-MAIL: service@kcysmart.com

The contact details are fake. You can call the number and it won’t go through and they don’t gave any address.





Buying from this online store is no good idea. They wont send you your items. Those who buy from the online store risk having their credit cards over charged and receiving counterfeit items if they ever receive anything at all. Don’t get scammed Kouppao.com  is a fake online store.

Good luck

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