The PlayStation 5 just dropped days ago scam text message

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Cyber Theft

A lot of people have lately been reporting to have received some text message that is telling them about the at ration having had dropped a few days ago and that they have been picked as today’s winner and can come and collect their PS5.

The text message leaves a link for the receiver to click on to get more details or claim the award. Could you really have had won some PS5 from nowhere at all or this is just another scam text message that is being sent by cyber criminals. As you shall see in this review this text message is a scam text and below is all you need to know about the text message.

The Play station 5 just dropped 7 days ago : You’re picked as Today’s winner. Claim yours by tonight

About the scam

The scam text message is being sent by cyber criminals who are trying to get people to click the links in the text messages. If you have ever been in the online niche then you would know wherever there is traffic there is money and thisnis exactly what these scammers are trying to do, make you their traffic by giving you false information.

Once you click the link you will be some untrustworthy  site that may be used to scam you in various ways. For instance the site may redirect you to some other fake promotion site  or ask you to make a small payment to get the item and in he process steal your credit card details, or they may do you to complete some surveys first which will want them money. There we a wide range of ways these scammers can scam you. Bottom line is they are scammers.



Do not click on the links if you haven’t already done so though it is rare the scammers may try to affect your cellphone with malware. There is no doubt the text message is a scam and the message has been received with thousands of people. If you have more questions about “The Play Station 5 just dropped days ago” scam text message please leave a message and also share the one you received in the comments section.

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