GOVUK stage 4 lockdown, you are eligible for a COVID-19 grant scam text message

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Have you received a text message that be from the UK government (GOVUK)claiming that due to the recent stage 4 lockdown you are now eligible to get some covid 19 grants. If you have received this text message then I’m pretty sure you want to know if this is really true and you hope it is. Well this is actually a scam text message that is not to be trusted and you are not encourage to click the links on the text message because this is where all the scamming begins. Below is the sample of the text message.

GOVUK: Due to the text stage 4 lockdown, you are eligible for a COVID-19 support grant. To proceed please visit :

About the text scam

The scam text message is being sent from people that are unknown and using numbers that are unknown. If you click the link you will realise that this wasn’t just about the relief fund but is a way for the scammers to want by either scamming you directly or indirectly. The link will lead you to some site that doesn’t have anything to do with the grant because there is no grant given to you by the government. These text messages are also being sent claiming to be from different companies.



Beware of these fake scam texts and if you have received one please share them in the comments section to help us spread awareness. The GOVUK COVID-19 stage 4 grant relief text message is a scam and the links will redirect you. You want to be careful as they may at times redirect you to some sites that many not be safe. Also be sure not to make any payments or provide any confidential details as these may be stolen or used to charge your account.

Good luck

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