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[Total: 0 Average: 0] has recently been one of the sites that many many people have been asking about and it is no surprise because this is just about the time the PS 5 was released. Have you been at the online store lately? If you have then  I’m sure you might have come across some reason why you couldn’t really trust the site and this is why you have decided to look them up to see if they are a fake site or a genuine one. In this review this is what we shall be looking at and if you have been scammed or have more questions about the online store just leave a comment.


Scam signs

We managed to see a number of scam signs in this online store. At the site they claim they are a site that was made in 2009 and this is just to gain the trust of the people but the real truth is that the site is just too new to be trusted.  According to whois registry  it was created in 13 November 2020 so would you trust a site that tells you they are more than a decade old and yet is less than 10 days old? I wouldn’t. They have fake 5 star reviews on their site and  does not have any legit contact details just some fake information to mislead you whilst gaining your trust.





I would not encourage anyone to buy from because of so many other reasons. Those who buy from the online store run the risk of having their credit  card details stolen and money taken with nothing of real value being sent to them. If you do get a thing it would be some fake counterfeit cheap item. If you have some more questions or have had experience with  please leave a comment.

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  1. Anna

    BUYER BEWARE ….this is a scam . Ordered from them yesterday and never received an email confirmation so I tried to contact them . They listed a non working number and a vacant rental address in Virginia . They are non existent . I have reported it to PayPal and am hoping to get my money back . I was redirected to their site from the Nintendo site so I believe they were hacked also …..


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