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Hello everyone and welcome to my review of The online store is reported to be a new untrustworthy online store by those who have come across it. If you have also had some sort of experience or encounter with the site please share your views regarding the online store so we can know if they are a scam or a legit online store. We have taken some time to look at the site and found them to be a risky site to buy from and not a legit one. Don’t risk buying from them and if you ha e questions such as what is or is it a scam or a legit site below are some of the scam signs on the site.


Scam signs 

1.Age of site is still too new to be trusted. According to the whois details of the site or was created on the 27th of July 2020 and is registered for short term as well.

2. Looks

The site also looks like a lot of scam sites that we have been  recently doing reviews on in the past few months. These scam sites are selling one thing and them advertise other items at prices which are too good on platforms such as Facebook and yahoo.

 3. Site uses fake contact details

The site has fake links to what they claim to be their social media pages. In real life they don’t have any social media pages ad this would compromise them and the contact details In the contact us page are fake as well





I’m sure that the site is advertising some deals that are too good to be true and not just selling these kitchen baking spoons. This is how these scam sites are operating claim to sell one thing and then advertise something else. Don’t buy from them and if you have been scammed or have a scam site to report or more questions on what is please leave a comment.

Good luck

5 comments on “ Review : Is it a scam?

  1. Cindy

    I ordered an swamp cooler from them, the tracking number they used for it was a tracking number from a 9 oz. Item I had ordered a month before. How did they get that tracking number??? It says my item was delivered 3 weeks before I even ordered it, so they somehow get tracking numbers through USPS and use old numbers.

    1. Donny Post author

      Yes scammers get old tracking numbers and give them to their customers. Still not sure about how they get these numbers

  2. roobs

    Paypal only option to pay? I almost purchased something and decided to check reviews since I never heard about them. I am glad I did! Thank you!!


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