Rammarec.com review : Beware of scam

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Rammarec.com review

Rammarec.com is a new online store that has been labeled as a fake and fraudulent online store that shouldn’t be bought from. Lately where have been a number of questions that have been asled reagrding the online store and this has led to this rammarec.com review and in this rammarec.com review you will find out that rammarec.com is fake online store and you shouldn’t buy from them as you will only get scammed. If you have been scammed or have come across the site we hope.to hear from you on your views and if you think they are legit or fake. Below are some of tue scam signs that we found on the site.


Scam signs

According to a lot of people eho have bought or have come across the site they are selling so many things for prices which are too good to be true. They’re selliing kayaks and freezers and many other stuff that of you visit their site you won’t even find there but they may have these in ads and in Google search results which is a trick that scammers have been using.

On their site you will only see balloons and some other decorative items which at evening sold at real expensive prices.The site is also too new to even be trusted. According to ehoi we noticed their site was created on the first of August 2020.





Rammarec.com is no.douht a scam.sote that won’t be around for long so you want to make sure that you try to get a refund from your bank before the site disappears. Hopefully you haven’t already bought from them because ifnyiu gave they will send you some fake counterfeit items or nothing at all. Please let us know.of your views or experience with this online store and.if you think they are legit or a scam.

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