You have been chosen to get food stamps text message : Beware of scam

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Have you also had some text message sent to you that claims that you have received some food stamps from the government for the next 30 days? Did this message come from some number and is using and redirecting you to the site Well lately there have been a lot of those text messages and a lot of people have received them and have been asking if they are for real or just another scam.

Just about 2 weeks ago there was another trending text message that was being sent by criminals to hundreds and thousands and thousands  of Americans.  Beware of these text messages they are all scam and below is all you may need to know about the you have received some food stamps for the next 30 days text scam.


About the scam

The scam is suspected to becoming from the same scammers who were sending such spam scam messages a few weeks ago. This isn’t the first time these have been sent to people I’m sure you may have had already come across such texts or email before.

They have even been reported by the police from different departments as being from cyber criminals and not to click on the links of what they tell you to click.



The text messages are scam texts. Do not follow anything they tell you to do and if you come across the text just ignore them and don’t Cick on the links within the text message. These links may be leading you to sites that contain malware or this is just another way to get access to your credit card details or use you to make some money. Don’t be played and if you have received these exts or any such please let us know in the comments section by sharing the number or the text message you got.

Good luck

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