m1shv.info USPS Delivery Text Message Scam

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The M5SMZ.INFO USPS delivery text message or m1shv.info USPS Delivery Text Message Scam is one of the trending scam texts that have been getting asked about recently. However this is just a new scam with the same.old trick and the same old scammers behind it and many people have been becoming aware of the scam text messages.

You may had had already received a couple of scam texts of this M5SMZ.INFO or m1shv.info¬†USPS Delivery Text Message Scam and they are using various numbers to contact them victims and will tell you that you have received a package and should visit some page to get more info or to go claim the package. Don’t do anything they say and report the number of text they sent you in the comments section.


About the m1shv.info USPS Delivery Text Message Scam

The texts have been sent to tens if not hundreds or thousands of Americans and has been reported more than a thousand times from people that have received it and this particular one in just matter of hours has been sent to over a thousand people.

The scammers give you a link which will lead you to suspicous sites which are suspected of phishing or containing malware which is not safe for your device but no need to panic if you have already click the link. The scammers may make you complete offers or surveys or steal your confidential details or even credit card details.



If you receive the m1shv.info USPS Delivery Text Message Scam just know they are a common scam and even the state police have been warning people against the texts claiming they are a phishing scam. The people or scammers behind this are unknown. Please help us spread awareness by sharing the text you got or the phone number that was used by the scammers to contact you. If you have been scammed or have had experience with these texts we hope to hear from you in the comments.

Good luck

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