review : Instagram followers and likes scams

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What is is a site that claims that they can generate free followers for you and as well as likes for your posts. I have seen quite a lot of services and sites like that and there are also a lot of scams like that so you want to be careful that you don’t end up paying or giving credentials to some scammers. Well is a scam site? This is what we shall be assessing in this review but I guess you already have an idea so if you do or have had some experience with them just let us know your views in the comments. Beware of this very untrustworthy and risky site.


Is it a scam

Looks like it to me. The people of the site expect you to login to your Instagram account on their platform. I have seen a lot of phishing scams that act this way and they then steal this information or in the case of social media paves they then hack the account and use it to do whatever they feel they want to do with it such as sending texts to people that may contain sexual activity and you wouldn’t want that for your close ones to see. Their site is still too new to be trusted. It was created on 29 September 2020 and I guess you too would agree it can’t be trusted. There isn’t any company or any thing that can tell us who owns the site and that is a bad sign.





If you come across a site that asks you to log in when you already have your passwords saved for an auto login then you should be careful. The site is most likely a scam and this puts your accounts at risk. Like why would they need your account credentials when all you need is to have some people follow you or like your photos because that is something one can only do outside of your account not in your account. Be careful of

Don’t get scammed.

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