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Cyber Theft is a fake and fraudulent online store that claims to be selling some gadgets. The site has already been reported a couple of times as a fake site and you are not advised to buy from them. Those who buy from the site will be at risk of having their cash stolen and the site later disappearing with their money. The site is a targeting people in India and below are some of the scam signs on the site that I’m sure you also must have had noticed.


Scam signs

You should never trust a site that uses an extension because that means they haven’t bought even a domain name. Any serious business site should definitely get their one domain name and this one is clearly not serious, though it is obviously still too new we cannot confirm the date of creation because they are not registered. I’m sure you also have seen that the prices on this site are quite too good and unrealistic and can only be true if they are selling you extremely poor quality items which I’m which they won’t be doing either so that means they will most likely be disappearing with people’s money just like that. They dont have any contact details either and there is no way to confirm their identity.



Don’t buy from to avoid getting scammed. Lately there have been a lot of scam sites that are operating in India and you will want to be careful to be sure the site you buy from is legit and this online store just isn’t the legit site you may be hoping it to be. You won’t get the items you want and if you do get a thing you will really be disappointed by the counterfeits. Please leave a review in the comments.

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