Kurtiset.com scam exposed : Beware of scam

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What is Kurtiset.com

Cyber Theft

Kurtiset.com is one of the sites that many people have been asking a lot of questions about. The most common being whether they are a scam or a legit online store. Well this is what we hope to share with you in this review as we expose this fake online store for who they really are.

Of course no review is 100% complete without reviews from those who have bought from the site but well at least we could be 98% complete even without the reviews but hey,  after reading this make sure you check the comments section to see what others have to say or at least be the first one that says something about your experience with Kurtiset.com.


The truth about Kurtiset.com

Kurtiset.com is no doubt a scam site. After having seen how many people have been asking about them we visited the site and noticed that everything they are selling is priced at 299 rupees. Well the items being sold are completely different and no doubt they should be selling for completely different prices too. That is just some lazy scammer too lazy to even change price tags.

Apart from that the prices are too good to be true as items are being sold for prices as low as 20% of the real prices.  No legit site would be willing to incurr such great loss. We also looked up their site and it was created on 26 September 2020. I wouldn’t  risk trusting a site that is that new.





You will realise that there isn’t any good sign you will see on the site. Lately there have been a lot of scam sites that are operating in India and Kurtiset.com is one of those. Those who buy will be at risk of making payment and not getting anything. If you have been scammed please leave a comment.

Good luck

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