One Planet Iphone 11 Pro Max giveaway : Is it a scam

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IPhone 11 pro max giveaway by one planet

Hello guys and welcome to my review site. I’ve just come across some ad on Instagram and they claim that they are one planet and they are giving away an iPhone 11 pro max to their followers. This just came a few minutes after I had come across another ad promising to give way some iPhone 11 too. Well what do you think about this claim? We will be happy to hear your views in the comments section but as for now lemme give you my honest opinion regarding the One Planet Iphone 11 Pro Max giveaway ad.


The truth about the give away

Well honestly I come across a lot of claims like this every day some are being reported for scam and are sent to people by scammers as texts and some emails and some redirects. They are usually a scam so you want to be careful about these claims.

However this one doesn’t have any thing that looks risky about it. You simply follow the CEO as they tell you to do and the account you are told to following acyallybthe real one because I can see that by the blue tick by Instagram.¬† If these are lies I’m sure they are harmless lies but it doesn’t look like a scam. Chances of winning will be real slim but if you are willing to try then I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t try your luck.



After this review on going to do another review of an ad i actually think is a scam claiming the same thing just that this time they make you follow 30 accounts and none of those are verified celebrities. This does look legit and if you have some questions or want to share something about the One Planet Iphone 11 Pro max give away  please just leave a comment.

Good luck

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