Luxuryxxgiveaway iphone giveaway Instagram : Is it legit or a scam?

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What is Luxuryxxgiveaway

The Instagram page Luxuryxxgiveaway is having ads on Instagram that claim that they are giving away an iPhone 11. Of course this comes with some agreed terms, they want you to follow the 30 accounts that they are following and also like 3 or more posts in these accounts and then finally you will be asked to post and rage your friends to do the same. Is this a scam?

Well it doesn’t look legit to me and below I’m going to explain to you why and if you are one of those people whom have come across the ads or have an experience please share your views with us in the comments section.


The truth about the give away

Well I have already explained that this doesn’t seem legit to me in any way. Why? Because there are many reasons why I shouldn’t trust these guys.

First one is that they aren’t any real person that is linked to the account as the owner of the page or any company. The only real people are the ones we are told to follow and these are not to blame in any way.

These simply pay someone that maybe they have come across online to help them get followers on Instagram and thats it. They may not even know the people and I know this because I have seen such deals and the Payements5 that these gius get paid doesn’t add up to buy an iPhone 11.

I have seen a lot of these fake iPhone 11 give away scams it is just a way to get you to follow these people and earn them some money.



If you follow and like posts there is no harm in that I think. You might simply follow some people that want to advertise their brand to their followers and need a huge following. The chances of the getting an iPhone 11 from this are almost 0 , I’m done believe this is legit but you might as well want to try it. If you have something today about this Luxuryxxgiveaway iphone 11 give away just share in the comments.

Good luck

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