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What is is one site that has been reported for being a fake online store claiming to be an official Well we have had to take some time looking into the site and have found this site to be a scam and untrustworthy and also too risky to buy from so if you ever come across ads from this site as they will most likely try to use ads then make sure you don’t buy from them.

In this review we are going to be looking at the site to see what exactly they plan to do and what makes them a risky site. Of you gave also had some experience with the online store please do share with us in the comments section and help others who may also be wondering what is So below are some of the scam signs we found on the site.


1. Rough quick piece of work

By just taking a look aybthe site you can tell that is was a quick job. There certainly wasn’t any real effort that was put into that thing. Even the quality of the images on the site is real poor and was copied from other legit store.


2. Fake Player ID section

Okay just to make you think that they are legit they have put down a player ID section which if you don’t  fill in wirh your details you can’t have your item into the card. That’s good but even if you put a fake or none existing ID player they will still take that and continue.


3. Too new and cheap

The site is also too new to be trusted. No doubt it is not a pubgshop official site. It was created on the 27th of July 2020. I’m sure you can see that the sire is just too new to be trusted. You cannot trust an online store that is less than a year at least to be sure that you not falling into a scam.

Have you also considered the prices. They are set just below the actual prices of the item you would be purchasing just so you can buy from them.


4. No contact details

Son the only way to cintact these guys is through the email address they just out in. Not bad but to be sure we will also need to have live chat cintact details at least a phone number but scammers never give you a real phone number edit the fear of being tracked and caught. They haven’t given any address at all and we know for sure they aren’t the official site.




Verdict is a fake and fraudulent store. Once you buy from then you won’t get the items and they will just disappear in time when they feel they have scammed enough or that it is no longer working. They might even steal your credit card details and over charge you. Don’t get scammed. Alspnshare your opinion on what is in the comments section.

Good luck

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