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An introduction to review

Hello and welcome to my review of This review isn’t there to tell you not to invest or to invest, it is just an eye opener on the things you may not know about the site that will help you access the legitimacy of the site, who knows, you can actually get lucky and get paid with a site that has been labeled a scam. This review will however answers questions such as what is, is a scam, legit, honest, real, genuine, good, trustworthy, fraudulent or bad investment program. Can you really trust this site with your money and invest in it. Should you invest or shouldn’t you?

If you are looking for answers to such questions then this is the right review for you. All i can say to online newbies who are looking for ways to make money online or boost their financial status is that getting involved with high yielding investment programs isn’t really the best decision they can make. If you read the FAQ of the site you will realise the it is mentioned that hyip sites are not risk free, there is always a risk involved when you invest in an hyip. You may want to check out my review on scam free ways to earn online by clicking here. Now lets get started. review. Is a scam site?

If you thought you had found your financial break Through and thought you could get financial freedom by investing over and over again in then you definitely should revisit your decision. Look again at this site and you will realise that this is no doubt a scam site and you should not put your hard earned cash at risk. This will show you why and help you discover better ways and betters sites one can use to earn online e without getting scammed. is what can be referred to as a ponzi scheme. There are lots and lots of these sites and these sites dissappear with people’s money. Of course they don’t live long, they either get deleted by the owners or blocked by the hosts because of reports by people that get scammed. Although once in a while these ponzi schemes may pay a few individuals and usually they pay hyip monitorong sites so that they can get a good publicity and get more money from the people that have been referred by those paid or by the monitors.

This is why it is not enough to look at what hyip monitors say and nothing else. So below i am going to be showing some of the reasons why I wouldn’t invest in this site and why it is a bad move for you to try and invest in them. This is a criteria I always use and it helps me a lot when I want to invest with such sites, it is time tested and always comes out right.


Reasons why you should not invest in

1. Unrealistic returns claims that will pay you returns afyer 24 hours. In a day it is said that you can get a minimum of 170% of what you would have had invested and a maximum of 220%. Then there is also 420% after 3 days and 540% after 4 days, this depends on which plan you choose and how much you are willing to invest.

Now according to my records of legit sites that are still existing and have been online for a long time, legit sites pay you an average of 0.5% after a day for a to be period. So to get back your initial investment sites you may need to wait for at least 200 days and then start earning at a profit. However it is also quite tricky because most of these sites are still less than 200 days old, sites over 200 days old are very rare to find.

170% after one day is not realistic, 540% after 4 days is insane. Money always will be Money, always will be hard to get and this site certainly isn’t a charity organisation. Even if the site belonged to a leading crypto currency expert firm, it still wouldn’t be possible to pay out such amounts without running on a loss and no one wants to run on a loss.

2. Fake company details

If you are ever going to get paid it will be through the company. The site claims it is a registered company in the UK which is an expert in crypto currency just like the thousands of other scams out there. So to check whether this is true we want to look up the company on the companies house website of UK which has details of all registered companies in the UK.

If you use the company registration number you will find out that a company was registered with that name, but the company doesn’t exist anymore, it was dissolved in November 2018. This is a common thing scams do, they use registration numbers of sites that no longer exist and try to make the scam look legit.

So this leaves us with no company, with no company we have no chance of getting paid back our investment, so individuals are going to pay us back? Who are these individuals? This leaves us with another reason why we shouldn’t trust trust

3. Hidden identity

Since the company doesn’t exist then we should be entrusting our cash in the hands of some individuals we can trust. The other fishy thing is that there is absolutely no individual with a real identity that is known that claims ownership.of the site.

This doesn’t mean it is self owned, of course there is a brain behind the site and its only that the person has tried by all means to leave no detail of him or herself because no thief leaves details of themselves. All scammers try by all means to hide who they are. This is a faceless site, a scam.


HYIP versus Affiliate marketting

Hyip sites are all about getting returns whilst seated at home and on the other hand affiliate marketting is all about working and typing and creating a long lasting passive income business. When dealing with honest hyip sites you will start getting profits after about 7 months, 7 months as an affiliate marketer you may be realising 4 figure monthly life time income and making it grow. Hyip sites are mostly scams whilst there is no chance of getting scammed as an affiliate marketer because it is your business and brand and only you can control it through lessons from your wealth affiliate the home of affiliate marketting and you will be dealing with trustworthy time tested stores like Amazon. Join wealthy affiliate today, to start your business asĀ  an affiliate marketer. Wealthy affiliate is way better, but you have to put in some work too.


What do you think about what is Was this review eye opening and helpful in your decision making? Have you had any experiences with Please let us know about your experiences by leaving a comment on the section below.


Good luck

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