What is Dollarbil.club : Scam exposed

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What is Dollabil.club review

Hello and welcome to this review of Dollarbil.club. In this review we are going to ‘ve looking at the behind the scenes of Dollarbil.club, the things you may never have had noticed and the things you may never had considered, the things which matter most, things which should help you make a decision on whether you want to invest with Dollabil.club or not and I know after looking at these things you will make up your mind in the right way. So if you have questions like what is Dollabil.club,is Dollarbil.club a scam, honest, real, genuine, paying, legit, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or bad investment site then this review will be good for an eye opener and will provide answers to all these questions.


What is Dollabil.club? Is dollabil.club a scam site?

Before you decide to make an online investment decision there are a number of things about the site you want to invest in that you should always consider, this is why I did this review on what is dollarbil.club. These things will help you keep away from scams and I use them everyday and they are always helpful. However it is almost impossible to find helpful legit high yielding investment programs because most hyip sites are scams and the legit ones that have really been online for a longer period of time pay very little.

When I say very little I mean that it is way better to put your money at something else than to put it on the site because after a year you may have had benefited very little. Say for example the common legit ones they pay 0.5% everyday so you need 200days to get back your full investment and then start getting a little profit after that. Brains like mine would tell you to start even a traditional business. However there are also scam free ways to earn online, in which you don’t haveĀ  to invest anything at all and yet can still make quite a loving through that.


So below I’m going to be going into a little more about why I won’t be investing at Dollarbil, despite the company, the huge returns promised and so I’m going to be telling you why I have labeled this site a SCAM. Do not invest at Dollarbil.club it is a scam site. The criteria I have used to determine this is a criteria I have used so many times, an honest and helpful criteria. So here are a couple of reasons why you too should not invest at Dollarbil.club…

1. Fake company details

If you are ever going to make any investment then you want to be sure that the company claimed exists and it if does you want to make sure the site really belongs to the company. As far as I know the company by claimed by this site does exist but as to whether there is a link between them there is absolutely no proof of such and the truth is no.

These sites look for a company that already exists and create a site with that name and that makes it easier to claim the company to be theirs, this is actually what happened here. You can see that because the site was created 2018 and it claims that the company was also registered in 2018 and gives us a registration number of a company registered in february 1989 when there wasn’t any HYIP sites and no crypto currency at that time.

It is clear and obvious that this is only an attempt to make trick people into believing the company is theirs when it is not. No company means no payments.

2. Hidden identity

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I always have a question i ask people that want to invest in hyip sites. More than 95 of these sites always prove to be scams at a later date or after people invest in them and the problem is that people never really take time to look at them and find out enough about them.

Would you ever give your money for usury to someone that you don’t know or lend your money? You wouldn’t so why would people want to invest in a site that tries by all means to hide details about it’s owner. Obviously the owner isn’t proud of the site, doesnt have confidence in what he is doing so why would you have confidence enough to send money to a site whose owner does not have confidence in it.

If the owner was confident of it and knew he was up for something good then he would have given his or her details when the site was registered because it is mandatory for every HYIP site to do so. Scam sites never leave out or give out any information about the owner. That is the same thing with Dollarbil here.

3. Unrealistic returns

Do the returns look too good to be true to you? You are right. They are too good to be true and they should scare you away. Whatever business that may be 3500% of what you invest after a month is unrealistic and totally a lie. Making money is what it is, hard, and you can’t go around that fact, whether it is online or a traditional business you still will have to put in some effort to get some reasonable amount.

From the sites that have been labeled legit and have been paying people for quite a long time now, they offer you usually 0.5% per day, meaning to get back your initial invested amount you will need to have had at least waited for 200days

Better ways to earn online?

Despite the many scams that are online there are also legit ways to make money online. Check out the home of affiliate marketting and learn how to build a four figure generating passive income business online. It is totally scam free, you don’t put in any investment and its something that makes sure you get involved with trusted online stores such as Amazon. To get money doing what you love most through affiliate marketting and learn more about it, click on the link below and get access to the home of affiliate marketers.


Making money onlineĀ  is something possible and also well paying even to make an ordinary person quit a traditional job but the Dollarbil way just isn’t it. What do you think about what is Dollabil.club? Do you think it is a Scam? Please leave a comment to let us know your views and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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