HSBC a payment has been attempted from a new device scam text message

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HSBC scan text messages.

Have you been a recipient of some text message that claims to be from HSBC? The text messages are arming people about new payees being added to their account or someone having access to their accounts.

The main problem only comes when you don’t have an account with HSBC and you receive this. This is when you get to know the message are a scam. Well, even if you do have an account the text messages are still the same scammers. Beware of these because they are a phishing attempt to get you to give these guys your bank details.


About the scam

Thousands of people have been receiving the same text message. It looks like the scammers are using different statements and texting claiming to be different banks as well because another scam trending is the one where the scammers claim to be Halifax and tell you about some new payee.

There are also other claiming to be FedEx and all these text messages are scammers. HSBC has been made aware of his scam and have been warning their customers to do nothing that they are asked to do in the text messages as the text messages will ask you to click on some link. They have denied having anything to do with these text messages and have confirmed them to be a phishing scam.



Some people might have already click on the link please let us know of your experience in the comments section. The scammers may simply be trying to get access to your account or they are trying to steal other confidential details from you. The site you will be led to are not safe and at times they claim that you have received some award or tell you to complete some survey. They are fake and not from HSBC.

Good luck

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