Is Fortnite Tips a Scam V-Bucks Generator

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Are you a fortnite tips fan and have recently come across some site claiming they are giving away free or generating free V-bucks for the game? It looks too good to be true doesn’t it? Well if it does that simply means they cannot be trusted and are a potential scam  site and in this review we are going to be looking at the site to see of they are a legit site or just another scam.

I’m pretty sure you already have yiur views regarding the site so please let us know of your experience and views regarding the Fortnite.Tips V-Bucks Generator and if they are a scam or not. As you shall see in this review they are a scam and not worth trusting. So if you have been planning on getting some free V-bucks from them you may want to change your mind.


About the scam

The scammers will tell you they will give you free V-bucks if you do the stuff they tell you. This is how they actually make their money by making you do stuff for them such as completing reviews or offers. If you try to type in the domain name of the site you will notice it will take you to some you tube channel.

This is part of their plan in addition to the surveys they can  make you do they can also make you subscribe to their you tube channel which can be a way they get money after getting paid by someone who wants them to find YouTube subscribers for them so they can quickly monetise with Google ads.



No doubt this is fake and there are not free V-bucks you will get from these scammers. They may even steal your credit card or game credentials and use them to steal from you but looks like what they really meed you to do is do surveys and join YouTube Channels.  There are a lot  of these scams and if you have more questions regarding Scam V-Bucks Generator please leave a message.

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