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What is is an online store that claims to be selling apparel including hoodies, sneakers, shirts and the like. After having been asked about the site I decided to do a review of them as it looks like they may be trending or planning on trending real soon and many people will be having there questions too.

I’m sure since you are reading this you probably have come across the site before so please do share with us your experience and what you think about this online store.  We hope all those with questions such as what is, is it a scam or legit or fraudulent online store will have answers at the end of this short review. So as you shall see this site is an untrustworthy online store and below are the reasons why.

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37 rue des Mathurins, Paris, France


1. When was this site created?

According to the registry details of the domain name the site was created in 2018. Well don’t be too quick to trust them, all this while the domain name wasn’t in use, if it was all the evidence would be online that is why there are so few results if you look up this site online. It is either the site was there but not in use or it is wasn’t there and they created it and bought the domain name from an existing owner.


2.The prices are not realistic

Don’t get tricked. There are a lot of scam sites that are advertising and selling items at prices which are too good to be true.  Fanssaleworld claims to be selling at prices such as 80% off and other promotions like that. That is either fake and they are selling cheap and low quality items or they a complete scam that doesn’t send you any thing at all there is no way they would sell all things on the site for more than 70% off.





If owners you I wouldn’t buy from this online store. The prices are just too good to be true and this doesn’t work in selling stuff, this isn’t a jackpot it is what I suppose to be a scam. If you disagree be free to argue in the comments and if you agree please let us know your views as well. Those who buy from the site will risk getting fake counterfeit items or receiving nothing at all after they have already made payments. Don’t get scammed.

Good luck

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