Fedex package update or notice scam text message

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FedEx parcel update scam text

Cyber Theft

Beware of scam text messages from cyber criminals that are pretending to be FedEx and telling you about a package update or tracking update and using words like that. These are fake text messages and have been received by thousands and  thousands of Americans and some even get a bunch of them over night.

I’m pretty sure some people may be excited that some item they never purchased is being sent to them but hey don’t get too excited because this is a scam and FedEx has just denied having anything to do with these text messages. If you have received one please do copy and paste it in the comments and help us spread the word so no one else falls for this.


All you need to know about the FedEx scam texts.

Well the scam texts can be sent to you written in different formats. These are the same scammers who were also sending USPS delivery notice scam texts. If you get a text message that says something like “FedEx : package update – sent” or “package notice – on the way” or “parcel update – sent” then you know hese are the same scammers just writing slightly different stuff. The texts have links and some of the common links start with or Do not click on these links they are to suspicious sites and this is exactly where they want to scam you.



There is no doubt that these text messages are scam texts. If you do get one make sure you delete them or just ignore them or block the number. Don’t do anything they tell you to do. Those who click on those links may be made to do surveys or have their information stolen or asked to make payments which will lead to their cc details being phished or will be led to sites containing malware.

Don’t get scammed.

5 comments on “Fedex package update or notice scam text message

  1. Lori

    I got the text today. It says FedEX – delivery 26933 notice: on the way. Track: Unfortunately I clicked on the link without thinking about it. I then shut my phone down immediately. Is there anything else I can do to protect myself? Thanks!

    1. Donny Post author

      Thanks for sharing. No need to worry Lori that shouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t given them any confidential details.

  2. Lisa

    I received this text this morning at 9:41 on my cell (I don’t give my number out freely).
    “FedEx: Package 23305 notice: Shipped. Track here:
    I never clicked on it or confirmed I received the text. It seemed very suspicious to me. Thank you for this site, so I was confirmed it was a scam.


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