Fainwigs.com Review : Is Fainwigs.com a scam or legit online store?

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Fainwigs.com reviews

Have you ever come across an online store called Fainwigs.com? The store is a lady beauty store that claims to be selling wigs or braids or hair extensions. The site has been reported as a fake and fraudulent online store and not a safe site to buy from. I’m sure you may have come across the hair store on some ads maybe form Facebook as is usually the case. If you have please share your though about this site and also report any other scam sites you may have come across.

So in this review We will be looking at the site and will be showing you that the site is a scam to answer all those who have questions such as what is Fainwigs.com, is not a scam, legit, honest, fake and the like. Below are some of the scam signs we saw on the site which make the site risky to buy from.


Scam signs

1. Unrealistic prices

I don’t know much about braids and women’s hair but I can tell that the prices that are being charged by this online store are unrealistic. They claim to be selling at a promotional price off 90% off which doesn’t exist any where in the real world.  There are a lot of these scam sites claiming too good to be true deals such as selling a wig that costs $150 for 18 bucks.

2. Too new to trust

We looked up the date of creation of the online store and accordingly whois the site was created on the 15th of June 2020. They most likely won’t last for more than a year as these sites always disappear after lots of complains. The site is too new to trust and you may not find scammed customer reviews so quickly.

3. Contact details

Phone:(323)2332766 / Email:service@showwig.shop / Payment Methods:Paypal

Before buying from the online store it is also important to first try calling them and see if the contact number given is legit. Well you won’t be surprised to find out that that too is fake.





There is no way these expensive wigs and braids could be sold for such a small amount of money and the price off percentage is just too much. Everything about the site just points to the sign that it is a scam. Do not buy from them. If you have been scammed or have experienced some stuff that make it clear to you please do leave a comment and help others who may also be wondering what is Fainwigs.com.

Good luck

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