Kagolyn.com review : beware of scam

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Kagolyn.com is an online store that is selling a variety of things under the categories of gadgets, electronics, home improvement etc. Alot of people have been asking about it in hope of making it their on stop online store so they would really want to verify its authenticity before they can trust it. This review is just to help you see some red flags we noted while going through the website and we’d like to bring them to your attention before you make any further decision regarding this online store.

Scam signs

The domain name is less than 6 months old which is a very bad sign. You shouldn’t trust an online store that is less than 6 months old. In less than 6 months you can not really know how the store is operating and if it’s really authentic or its one of the scam sites

The online store didn’t add their contact information which are vital . Their telephone number and the physical address are missing on the website. Scammers do this as a way to cover their tracks and wouldn’t want to be found by anyone if they’re traced. Only legit stores would give their contact information for effective communication with customers who might have questions or queries regarding the store.

Kagolyn.com has prices that are too good to be true. This is a common bait that scammers use to get more victims because they know how are tempted to buy when the prices are low. Don’t fall for this

Apart from the roughly designed website you’d also notice that the website is not properly secured by McAfee or Norton which means that your details can be accessed by a third party. Only legit stores would be careful with your details so that noone else can access them once they’re entered on the website.


Kagolyn.com is a scam and cannot be trust. If you have had any encounter with this online store please feel free to leave a comment below telling us and others about the experience you had with them.

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