Warmshoppers.com scam review : scam exposed

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Warmshoppers.com is an online store that is selling women wear and accessories. Unfortunately due to negative feedback from its earlier customers a lot of people now regard it as a scam. After those negative reviews we tok the liberty to go through the website and we did actually note some scam signs that would validate the claims that are being made. This review is to help you see the common scam signs that you can see just by merely going through the website.

Scam signs

The domain name is less than a year old which is a very bad sign. You can not trust an online store that is less than a year old. You won’t know how the store operates and if it’s fully legit.

Like many other scam sites that offer huge discounts and lower prices to have more people ordering from them hence more victims. This has been a common bait scammers are using and it’s sad how many people actually fall for it.

The website didn’t include their telephone number or their physical address which is another shady sign. Only legit stores would give their contact information for effective communication with customers who might have questions or queries. But scammers hide contact information because they don’t want to be tracked and found.

The website is not properly secured by McAfee or Norton which means that your details are at risk of being stolen when you enter them on the site. Only legit stores would be careful with your details to the extent of securing the website and make sure no third party can access them.


Our final conclusion is that warmshoppers.com is a scam and cannot be trusted. This is not just coming from us but was also proved by people who bought from their website. If you have had any encounter with this online store and may be you’ve been scammed too please feel free to share your experiences with us and other by leaving a comment below. Stay woke.

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