Eyeverify scam text : Eire verify to pay Royal mail fee

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There are some text messages that are being sent from the number 0 868 145 058 and the displayed names are either Eyeverify, Eire verify or EireVerify. Alot of people are very puzzled about this message because they are not aware of this particular parcel that is being mentioned in the text message. This review is to show you a sample of the text message and let you know what happens if you follow the given instructions in the text message and warm about it too.

The text message

“Hi there – Your parcel has been held at our shipping centre. Please follow instructions here: 2vc.me/WlwKX -> hxxps://package.universalpackagesystem.club/”.

Do not click on the given link. The given link will direct you to a website where you are told to pay €1,99 for the shipping/delivery fee. Theres also a portion you’re given to enter your financial details and personal details. Once you enter your financial and personal details and submit on the website they’ll be stolen by the cyber criminals operating this scam. This has been done to a number of people due to ignorance.


These text messages are always a scam and most people have had more money than the stated amount deducted from their accounts after giving their account details. Some have had their accounts hacked. They always state an amount that is is very small for you to think that it’s close to nothing and you won’t hesitate to pay that amount but what they’re really after is your account details which you’ll give them in good faith. Don’t click on the link and dont share the text message with anyone else.

If you have had any encounter with this message feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below. Share this article with others so that they won’t be victims too.

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