review : Scam or legit?

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[Total: 0 Average: 0] is one of the sites that has been claiming to be selling some game items such as play stations and Nintendo’s. The site is actually quite good in terms of the outward look but of course people wanna know if they can really trust this site enough to send them payments especially when the site is claiming to be selling at these prices which may be labelled as too good to be true by many. Are they too good to be true? This is what we shall be looking at in this review as we assess the legitimacy of

Is it a scam?

Many people have already reached their conclusion on whether the site is a scam or not. By looking at the promotions which are fake people have said the site to be fake and they are not wrong at all.

The site is just another sister the online store ukswitchstore which is being asked about and getting reported as the site disappeared with people’s money. The scammers have set up multiple.ither sites that are also being asked about.

Things such as a fake date of creation are proof of the site being a scam. According to whois the site was made on 19 September 2020 whilst according to their site it was created in 2009. They won’t give you any useful contact information either.





Have you been thinking about trying or any site that looks just like them? Please be advised you should not buy from them because they are scammers and will do anything to make sure they get what they want. If you have been scammed or have had experience with them please let us know and leave a comment in the comments section.

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