What is Mdolk.com : Is it a scam?

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What is Mdolk.com

Mdolk.com has recently been asked by people if the site is legit or fake. The site claims to be selling varying staff and has prices that seem too good to believe and hence many people are asking if they are for real.

In this review we will be assessing their legitimacy and will try to find out whether they are a good site to buy from or not. As you shall see in this review the online store is not trustworthy and is risky to buy from. So if you had questions such as what is Mdolk.com and is it a scam or a legit online store below are some of the things you need to know about them.


Mdolk.com red flags

A lot of scam sites were created on the 17th of June 2020 we noticed this on many of our reviews. So it becomes quite hard to trust A site like Mdolk hat was also created on the same date. Apart from that the site is still too new to trust.

We also noted that the prices on the online store are also too good to be true. They are selling their items at prices which are less than or equal to 50% of what the items would cost.  This is too good and clearly fake and just a way to trick people into buying unless of course the items being sold are fake and not good quality. The site is also using the phone number 8617152309410 which is fake.





Mdolk.com is not a legit online store so if you had been planning on buying from them you may want to change your mind. Those that buy from the online store risk making payments to a fake site that won’t deliver anything they claim they sell. The site won’t be online for long either and once you buy from them getting back your money may be difficult. Don’t get scammed. If you have been scammed please share your thoughts on what is Mdolk.com in the comments.

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