What is Derglobal.biz : “Derglobal.biz is a scam”

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What is Derglobal.biz

Hello and welcome to my review of Derglobal.biz. Have you been thinking of investing in Derglobal.biz and just wasn’t sure whether this would be a good investment site or just one of the 99% of hyip scams. Well in this review I’m going to help you and give you all the information you may need to make your conclusion and decision in whether you should invest in this site or not using my experience and study on Hyip sites and having have had reviewed many other hyip sites before. What is Derglobal.biz, is Derglobal.biz a scam, legit, honest, real, fraudulent, paying, genuine, trustworthy, good or bad investment site? Lets find out.


What is Derglobal.biz? Is it a scam?



I have been doing reviews on online sites for quite sometime and hyip sites have always been the worst, top on the list of scams and yet they are what people would want to get involved with because the returns are high if you can come across a legit one and yet people will tell you there are no legit HYIP sites, I thought so too and thought it was just a ponzi scheme until I came across Derglobal.biz so I wanted to find out what is Derglobal.biz and is it really paying like it says.

DER Global is a company that is registered in the UK and this one isn’t just a company registered online but a real company. So of all the sites I have had to review for the first time in my life I can really call an hyip site legit, I have never done that before but obviously I have reason to believe and be confident that this site is a legit site. You can go through my reviews (most of them are hyip reviews) and you will find out that I have never labeled any hyip site a legit site, I have ALWAYS advised people against them, until now.


Why Derglobal has been labeled legit

There are a number of reasons why I have labeled this site a legit investment site. I have had to go through it and through other reviews and checked with other people who have invested with the site and had time to hear their say about the site and looked up everything I could think of and yet still, no doubt this site is legit, 1 in a million. So below are some of the reasons why this site has been labeled as na honest and paying site.

Time tested

Derglobal.biz isn’t just one of the new sites that are scamming people in the name of hyip. I always say, “never invest in a new site, go for something time tested and legit.” Don’t be the one who wants to be the first to try the river with his foot. So you won’t be the one doing it, there thousands and thousands of people who have already walked into these waters, full body in.

According to WhoIS Derglobal records, this site was created back in 2017 and has been online ever since. Scam sites don’t live that long, a few days, weeks or months they are already gone with people’s money or are blocked by the hosting sites because of complaints from the people scammed. Scam sites that survive a month or 2 will have so many negative comments about them no one will attempt to invest in them. Another thing is there are no negative comments from the people who have invested.

Good reputation

I had to look and see what people say about this site, there is always space out their for people to have their say and the only negative thing I saw about this Derglobal is one YouTube video which was written Not paying. It was just some complete piece of trash showing people how to create an account at Derglobal and trying to make people visit this person’s website. I have never seen a YouTube video with many dislikes and just one like.

Evidently everyone was pieced by how the guy tried to get attention and on the comments section every single comment was positive for Derglobal, everyone claims they are getting paid back their returns and no one ever says anything again about getting scammed so below is a GIF so you can watch the comments from the people about Derglobal.biz.


 Existence of Company

Despite the fact that a company by the name DER global does exist in the real world the site also gives its registration number and if you look up the information this company really is registered in the UK even though this doesn’t mean much to me it may mean something to someone.

My say

I don’t have anything bad I can say about this site, if you do please let me know in the comments section. All i can say is …




Scared of HYIP sites?

Well I’m sure there are people out there who are not really comfortable with investing in an online investment site. If so then you may need to consider other ways of making money online such as affiliate marketting. Do you know anything about affiliate marketting?


Affiliate marketting is just about promoting products from big online stores like Amazon, obviously you won’t get scammed, this is 100% scam free and also well paying given that you do it the wealth affiliate way. So you will find out that wealthy affiliate is popular for bringing up the most successful online business people who make 4 figure monthly passive income. Though it is not a quick money scheme it is totally worth it and can change your life style.



What do you think about what is Derglobal.biz? Do you think Derglobal.biz is a scam? Have you had any experience with Derglobal.biz? Help us help others by dropping a comment. So far so good, evidently Derglobal is a legit and honest site. If you feel you cannot really trust this site, here is a rule that could help you, only invest the amount that you can risk losing.

Good luck


4 comments on “What is Derglobal.biz : “Derglobal.biz is a scam”

  1. Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    This is a very interesting post about DERGLOBAL.BIZ. I have had some interest in the past with investing online, but was always afraid of being scammed. What always screamed scam for me was the fact that I always got a call immediately after joining and the company name given had no connection to what I just joined. I had a look at the link to DERGLOBAL.BIZ and it appears to have all the right things in place, and what was attractive is their minimum starting rate. My only issue is their e-payment platforms, none that I have or support. I only do paypal. I do have a question though, is this open to members from outside UK?

    1. Donny Post author

      Heyy Ilaisaane, nice of you to stop by. Online investment sites are currently on top of the list when it comes to scamming people and honestly i never really recommended hyip sites before until I came across this one.

      The site is accessible to anyone who has access to the internet and as for the e-payment platforms i too had only pay pal but recently I just found myself with a whole lot of the others ( payeer, bitcoin, perfect money and some of them I even forget their names ) they are very easy to create

  2. Mike

    I agree with the point about going with reputable services with a long track record. Derglobal definitely looks legit and like you say, it’s been running since 2017, so it oughta be shut down by now if it was a scam. I’m always careful when it comes to investing, though.

    One question, though. Why would people put up negative videos about this company, do you think? Unhappy customer? Competing company?

    Thanks for letting me know about Derglobal. Looks like one of very few real deals!

    1. Donny Post author

      Heyy Mike
      Currently there are no real value review videos against Derglobal, the only one I came across was just a guy trying to get people’s attention by calling it a scam so he can refer it to them in the actual review..it was quite a nuisance to the people who watched it


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