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What is is an online store that claims to be selling women clothing. We came across this online store through some question that was asked regarding the site whether it is a scam or a legit online store.

So in this review we will be looking into the online store to see of they are a genuine online store or fake and after taking a look at the site we have come to the conclusion that is not a trustworthy site So you want to be careful with them. We have found a couple of red flags on the site which makes them suspicious. Below are some of the scam signs we found on the site.


Why you shouldn’t trust them is a new domain name that was purchased about 2 months ago. It was purchased on the first of July 2020 and is still too new to be trusted. However they also have some reviews on their site which they claim to be reviews which were put by their customers. These reviews are fake and all are 5 star or 4.5 star reviews.

That is unrealistic and given the time they have been online there is no way so many reviews could gave her been obtained and at the same time there are no reviews anywhere else. The prices are also too good to be true promotions which are most likely meant to trick you into buying.





Cocoandlora sounds like a great name for a legit online store but other than that there is no other good sign from the site. It looks like everything about them is fake and they are even hidingbtjsir real identity. If you have been scammed or have more questions regarding this online store please leave a comment.

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