Rterss.com review : Beware of scam

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Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Rterss.com. Here we are going to be looking into the online store to see if they are really a legit online store or the site is just one of those online stires that we have to avoid. 3 years looking into online scams here is no doubt I would know a scam by just looking at the site and basic information and some scams even have he same looks cause they belong to some group of scam sites .

Well here you will find out that Rterss is a scam site and so my hope is that you haven’t already bought from these guys. Lease let us know what you think about the site in the comments section and do make sure you report any scam or suspicious site you may have come across hat is related or not related to this online store. F you have questions such as what is Rterss.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, good or bad online store to buy from I hope this Rterss.com review gives you the help you need. Let’s get started.


What is Rterss.com

Rterss.com is an untrustworthy site that is on one hand real expensive and on the other hand real cheap. It all depends on how you come across the site. On the ads these guys are changing real cheap prices. The site is been advertising their items for a few days now as at date of review and have managed to grab the attention of a lot of people like you and a thousand other people out there asking the same question as you.

The online store claims to be selling some  hair accessories that I’m not really a fun of and that look like they are from movies like Game of thrones, they really look vintage. Well this is what they are selling on the official pages but in real ads on facebook and other platforms they are advertising other items which are the reason why you are here. Please share with us the items that this site has been advertising to you in he comments section and the prices hey have been charging.


Why is this site under review?

So the site has been asked about by a number of people and this is mainly because of the ads and the prices which look quite too good and his is why we have been asked to look into them. Now we want to look into the reasons why you shouldn’t buy from the online store.


What was our conclusion?

If you are in a hurry then you just want to know the site is a scam and you can just ignore the scam signs you may have had missed on this site because lets be honest they won’t do you much good as long as you don’t buy. Rterss.com is 100% scam and just by the look i could tell from the very first minute i saw the site. Now lets take a look at the scam signs on Rterss.com.


Scam signs

Are the Prices on the site realistic?

I’m sure you here beucase of the ads from the site that you saw on social media platforms most likely. The ads on he pages hat you see.from the ads are really too good to be true. Like any other sca site these guys will claim some fake promotions to make you think they are legit.

Do the prices look too good to be true to you? Hat is because they are too good to be true and not true at all. Scammers always have pages given and these are the pages that have to good to be true prices. You can visit the site and try finding the otems you thought were too cheap on the site by typing their url into your browser and you won’t find them except those head accessories that are too expensive.


When was the site created ?

According to whois registry details the site was created on the 15th of August 2020. One thing I’ve learned whilst coming across scams is you should never buy from a site this new. Rterss is still too new to be trusted or bought from and from the look of things they won’t be online for long. They are even registered for 1 year which is the shortest term available that they can be registered for of which they won’t be around for that long.


Are there scam reports against the site?

So far we haven’t come across anyone that has been scammed and has had to wait thw time required and hasn’t received their items yet. His is because the site just started advertising a day or 2 ago. In time scam reports will start to emerge. The only comment we have seen so far is of one person who says the address is not their address and is fake becaus is a house and he lives near the address.


Does the site have contact details and are they legit?




2289 willow ave ,Pittsburg,California,94565,US

Made in China Address

8 Da Kejia Lane Jinjiang District, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province,610011,China

The phone number that has been given we have tried to call it. It is fake and doesn’t exist because it went to voicemail and says he number you are trying to call is not in service. Its also from Alabama and so differs from the addresses we are given. The adress has already been confirmed to be fake. Why would they give us fake details? To make sure that their identity doesn’t get exposed.


Does the site have any other common scam signs?

I could swear I have seen scam sites that look like that. Scammers some really bother changing the looks of their scam sites they just change he names of the domain. Otherwise there are a bunch of other scam sites that look like Rterss.com but are using different domain names.

They even lied that they are from 2016. We have already seen they are from 2020 August. To check their Whois details use the link below.





There is no reason why we should ever think Rterss.com is a legit online store. The site is a scam and there is no doubt about that. Those who buy from this online store will risk making payments to the scammers and then not get what they paid for. They might even get their cc details used to charge them without their consent. If you have been scammed or have mlre aiesyioms regarding what is Rterss.com please leave a comment.

Good luck

1 comment on “Rterss.com review : Beware of scam

  1. Robert knuckles

    Rtess is a scam site i been looking up every site they got on fb as well and pisting there a scam i ordered a set of wieghts and got face mask so im doing everything i can to stop someone else from getting scammed….. and from now on im going to investigate a site before i order and if they aint legit im gonna share the info … i hate a lazy scammer there worthless


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