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What Is is an online store that is in the niche of selling clothes. Have you also come across this online store? What do you think about the site as to whether they are a scam or they are a legit online store. Many people have been asking if the site is legit and this is what we are going to be looking at in this review of

The site has been reported as a suspicious site to buy from and there seem to beĀ  a lot of things on the site that make people question the sites authenticity. Could the site be legit? As you shall see on the scam signs below the site is not worth the risk.


Scam signs at is still a new site and they already have any many reviews in their pages which claim they are a good online store. This is quite rare and so we later found out thatbrhe reviews on the site are actually fake. According to whois the site was created or registered on the 19th of August.

Already we see that this is too new to be trusted. Apart from that we see that the reviews on the sites are dated as early as July and early August before the site was in existence. They don’t have any legit contact details except an email address that isnusrd by scammers. The email address is and belongs to another site which is also regarded as a risky scam site.





You cannot trust this online store. Everything seems to be pointing them out to be just what they are, a scam. Those who buy from the site will risk getting fake counterfeits or receiving nothing after making payments to the site. Don’t get scammed and report any experience you have had with

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