What is Wolldon.com : Beware of scam

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What is Wolldon.com

Recently there have been quite a number of questions that have been asked regarding the site Wolldon.com. In this review we are going to be looking at this site and try to assess the legitimacy of the online store to see whether they can be trusted or not or if they are safe to buy from.

If you have also come across the site you are welcome to share your views regarding this site and it would be be most appreacisted. So we habe taken a look at the site and seen some signs that show that they are a scam site and not worth your trust. Don’t buy from them and since you have questions such as what is Wolldon.com, is not a scam, legit, honest, fake, fraud or good below are some of the scam signs we found.


Scam signs

The site is new online store that claims to be selling garbage holders and racks for prices that I think are too high. However they are also on the side selling other items such as kayaks fro prcoes which are clearly too good to be true and definitely not for real. You will also notice that the site is still too new to trust. We looked them up in who is and found out that they were created on the 13th of July 2020. This date is not just too new but also common recently from sites that we have been reviewing they were created on the same date. So a bunch of scam online stores were created on this day. As for the contact details of the site they are clearly fake as well. The address doesn’t look anything like a store house or a shop at all and the phone number you can always trying calling it to confirm that it is fake.

  • (228) 249-7658
  • contact@wolldon.com
  • Kathryn Roberts
  • 215 Bernardi Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15214 United States




As good as the site look and as the prices may look the site is still a scam and not a good one to buy from. Those who risk buying from the site will risk making payments and not receiving anything and also getting counterfeit items if they are lucky. If you have come across the site or have more questions regarding what is Wolldon.com or have a scam site to report please leave a comment below.

Good luck

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