Shaw academy review.

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With the new way of life where people can get a qualification online scammers have also taken the opportunity to get money. Their website look legit and in seem cases they are legit but start to scam people. The latter is true for Shaw academy. Many people who have signed up for this online school have been complaining about how they’re being scammed. This review is to help you not make the mistake of entering your credit card details before you’ve full information.

How they operate.

You’ll be informed that their courses are free for the first 4 weeks and you can get a certificate or diploma within the 4 weeks for FREE. This is too good to be true. When you want to access the materials such as recorded lectures and notes for the courses you’re then told to pay $12,99  just for you to access the materials needed. You’ll need to fill your credit card details. This is where the problem is. They will then continue to deduct money from your account without your consent. They will deduct more than the $12.99 you originally thought they needed for you to have access to the materials for learning.


Most people can’t stop this deduction so it safe for you to refrain from giving them your account details. This is clearly a scam. If you’ve had any encounter with do let us know as this will also help others not make the mistake of entering their account details. Stay woke.


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