What is Kyoneself.com : Is it a scam

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What is Kyoneself.com

Kyoneself.com is a new online store that claims to be selling different items from kids clothing to gym stuff and white boards and the like. The online store has been reported as a fake and untrustworthy site and those that buy from them are at risk of getting scammed and losing their money to the site.  I’m sure you may also have had come across the site, if you have please share your views and also report any suspicious sure you may come across.

The online store is advertising and is one of the  many scam sites that are advertising. As you shall see below the site is a fake online store and only after your no st so whatever you do kust make sure that you don’t buy from them to avoid getting scammed. If you have questions such as what is Kyoneself.com amd isnot a scam, legit, honest, fake, fraudulent, etc below are some of the scam signs we found on the site.


Scam signs 

1. The site is too new

Accord9ng to the shops details that we found the site was created in June 2020 and is still too new to trust as they have not had many people buy from them as yet.

2. The prices are too good

The site is also selling their items at prices which are too good to be true. This mainly refers to the gym equipment that they are selling on their site and also some ads they may be putting up.

3. Contact details are fake




3671 Armitage Street ,San Diego,California,92117

Like all other scam sites the site is also using fake contact details. You can call the phone number given and still won’t go through. The address is not theirs either and the email address may only be used to send you fake tracking codes or give you false hope.





Do not buy from this online store you will only get disappointed. There are a lot of these scam sites that are advertising on Facebook yahoo and other platforms. If you buy from the sites you will risk getting yiur money stolen and receiving nothing. They may send you some counterfeit items if you are lucky. If you have been scammed or have a scam site to report or have questions regarding what is Kyoneself.com please leave a comment.

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