“Your Samsung is Ready For Pickup Google Calendar” Scam

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“Your Samsung is Ready For Pickup Google Calendar” Scam

Hello guys and welcome to this review where we will be looking at this event that has been popping up on people’s Google calendar and claiming that their Samsung is ready to be picked up. I’m sure some people are wondering whether this is really for real or just a scam to make fool of the people or if they could possibly  be any dangers with this event or if it is for real. So if you have any questions such as what is “Your Samsung is Ready For Pickup Google Calendar” Scam, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, good or a bad event planned by scammers then this review might just be of some help as we help expose these scammers.


The trust about  “Your Samsung is Ready For Pickup Google Calendar” Scam

Well as you have already noticed this had been reported as a scam. The main thing about all these events or other spam emails that are sent to people claiming that they  have won some mobile phone, cash or have been involved in some illegal activity is that they are all after money one way or the other. No doubt you may want to know how this could possibly be a way to get money and so here is the whole plan explained.

The guys are some scammers sending spam notifications of events that you never  had anything to do with. Thousands and thousands  of people have received these and clearly there is no way these guys can make the whole lot of them receive Samsung smart phones. Once you receive the notification they will ask you to complete some surveys and already that is one way they make online by using you to complete these surveys for them and getting paid for it. You may also be directed to some phishing sites and hopefully won’t be tricked into buying anything from some fraudulent sites.


What to do

The emails are not anything serious at all. If you just receive them and do nothing about it nothing will go wrong. However you can keep from receiving such emails in the future by going to your Google calendar settings and change them to receive notifications of only the events which you reacted to and make sure that you unmark the box about receiving notifications of events that you declined. Make sure you dont complete their surveys or buy from any site that they may have had redirected you to as this is a way to get money from you or to use you to make money.





Don’t trust these events and dont let them make you feel uneasy as there is a lot of people who have also received them. The best thing to do is make sure you change your settings and avoid these kinds of scams. If you have more questions regarding the  “Your Samsung is Ready For Pickup Google Calendar” Scam please leave a comment below or if you have had some experience with them.

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