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What is Azcozy.com

Whilst browsing some facebook posts I came across this site called Azcozy.com. Azcozy.com is pretty new and was advertising some bedding sets and rugs. Since you are looking for information about this site I’m sure you also came across these facebook ads and in this review we are going to be looking at the site to assess their legitimacy and help all those who may be wondering whether or not they can trust this site or not. Well, Azcozy is not a site that you may want to trust, they are an u trustworthy site that is after your money, if you buy from them you will lose your money and not get anything in return. So if you habe such questions as what is Azcozy.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, good or a bad online store then this review might just be an eye opener.


The truth about what is Azcozy.com

Azcozy.com has been online for just about a month now as at date of review and that is quite new. The bad thing about these sites is that no one has ever said a thing about them because they are still real new and you may have to be the first one to have some experience with them and if unlucky you may the first one to get scammed. The site is a scam just like many hundreds of sites that have also been scamming people the same way.

Lately there have been  a bunch of these online stores that have been using facebook as a platform for their advertisements and it always works well they get lots of attention and lots of victims, scam victims. So if you have been planning on buying from this site which is one of the scam online stores using facebook to trick you into believing they are legit you may want to think again. Below are some of the scam signs that may help keep you away from the site.


Scam signs

In sure you may have had noticed the price cuts that they are claiming. They are selling their bedding sets and rugs for half price and that pricing system is not only too good but also being used by a bunch of many other scam sites. According to whois where all sites have their registration details the site was created on the 30th of July 2019 and it too new to be trusted. They have also not provided details of who owns the site and they don’t have any phone number to contact them through.





Azcozy.com is no different from many other online stores that are using fake prices and promotions to steal money from people.  If you don’t want to get scammed then you better keep away from the site because they simply want you to send them money. If you have any more questions regarding what is Azcozy.com or have had some experience please leave a comment below.

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43 comments on “What is Azcozy.com : Beware of Scam

    1. Reba Lucas

      I ordered on 09/12/2019. I wish I had seen something sooner. I filed a complaint with the BBB and requested a refund vis PayPal past night. I never received anything and don’t want it.

      1. Lily

        Have you received your order or was a tracking # sent confirming order? I ordered 4 days ago and all it says it is being processed.

          1. Kat

            You’re 200% correct. I got something. But totally unlike the photo online and what finally arrived was of such poor quality that the word “quality” doesn’t belong with the crap item I received. They got me. That’s it. I will keep an eye on my Amex account to confirm nothing else gets charged to my account from these shysters.

      2. Tammy

        Pay pal is not looking at anything you up load to them either. I just kept ordering in hopes they would show up before Christmas. Them my husband notices addictional fraudulent charges on bank statement. $496 wother of orders then $257 in fraudulent charges.
        When they started to arrive they were not even close to as pictured.

  1. Michelle Fish

    They are completely scammers!!!! I bought a RUG which is NOT a rug at all and they refuse to refund my money unless I ship back to CHINA!!!!

  2. shawllady

    azcozy.com stole images of my copyrighted artwork and then listed them for sale on bedding via links from Facebook. FB confirmed my infringement of copyright by them and took down the page where they were featuring my art. A bunch of crooks.

    1. Marie

      Here is an address that was on the package I received:
      “Mark” 16014 Adelante St Ste C, Irvindale CA 91702. “Lisa Edwards” wanted me to return the item to No.98,WangDongNan Roadm SiJing Town, 202100, Shanghai, China
      Recipient: ZhengSuLan
      Phone Number: 15890817875
      Probably all fake, but this is what was on my package and email from them.

      1. Roxanne Trout

        Ironically I ordered a really cool leather-like floral jacket from a company in China a few months back.
        I got the coat, quality isn’t bad at all…just the sizing was too small for a large. Long story short, I wrote & they agreed to send me a larger size when they get my return. I spent $35.00 to ship it back to China. After 2 months I get my package back stating there was no such return to address. (I was TOLD to ship it back to the to mentioned address)
        After sending several emails regarding the issue…NO ONE will respond to me emails.
        The glitch here is….the return address was: WangDongNan Roadm SiJing Town, 202100, Shanghai, China

      2. EL Ledbetter

        I’m returning the “quilt” today to the same address. I googled the address they gave me bc I figured that, too, wasn’t legit. We’ll see. But this garbage is going back.

    2. Nunya

      If Facebook confirmed their illegitimacy, why am I still seeing azcozy ads in my feed (heavily!) yet today? It’s November 27th?!?!! Why hasn’t Facebook taken their ads down??!?!?

  3. Becky

    I ordered a rug from this company but received a X-Large mat. When I brought this to the attention of the seller, they offered me a 30% refund on my order plus 20% on my next purchase. When I told them I would prefer a full refund, they asked me to return the mat to China. Honestly, they admitted a production error. I ordered a rug, not a mat. On their website, they tell the story of the company starting in Arizona then moving to Texas. Their Texas address is on the website. When my order was processed, I got an email saying it was coming from China. So the rug was order from Texas, made in China, shipped to New Jersey, relabeled, and shipped to me in Ohio. They claim to cheerfully refund your full purchase price if not 100% satisfied. I ordered a rug, not a mat. I should not have to send it back to China when it would cost me nearly $100. In an email exchange, they admit a production error and apologize for the error.


      Totally agree with all the comments. I was so excited to see a sunflower rug but when I received it it was like a place mat. Not even close to a rug with pile and fibers. I was so dissapionted. The RUG looked amazing in the picture but it’s literally a poster picture on a 1/8 inch
      mat. Not even a rug.

  4. Mary

    I bought what I thought was a bedspread set its awful more like a sheet and not anything like the picture will never buy from them again waste of money

  5. Chris Clement-Green

    Not only are they scamming customers, they are obviously scamming customs too. I paid $89 for a large ‘rug’ that has arrived as a really nasty cheap throw. The invoice stuck to the outside of the parcel states a value of $14.99 – which is still too expensive!!
    Lesson learnt – never buy off Facebook and don’t use PayPal as unlike a credit card there is no redress.

  6. Lisa Gill

    SCAM – I purchased two items from this company. Their website says they are located at 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr. Houston, TX 77043 USA, but you have to send back returns to China, as that is where they wanted me to send my defective product back to. I purchased a cotton bedspread set for $59.95 + $10.00 shipping and a round carpet for $69.95 + 10.00 shipping. I did receive a refund for $5.95 for shipping costs because I spent over a certain amount of money. I paid via paypal. I waited about 1 month before I received the products. Both were defective and not as described. The carpet was a foam mat about 1/4″ thick and was defective, had white sploches all over it and it was the worst quality. No carpet at all, just foam. Carpet is woven fabric, not foam. The cotton bedspread was defective, white lines, going through the material and the colors were all blurry. It was not cotton bedspread, but two sheets sewn together. I tried to resolve with the company, with two different people, recieved the same generic email response from both of them. They said: I’m so sorry that you didn’t like it. I am so sorry for this inconvenience. Could you please accept our apology and 30% refund for the order? Thank you so much” When I replied NO, i want my money returned in full as you did not provide me what your website shows and it’s defective. I received another reply that said ” You can return it to our return address here:
    Address: No.98,WangDongNan Roadm SiJing Town, 202100, Shanghai, China
    Recipient: ZhengSuLan
    Phone Number: 15890817875

    I’m not spending $75.00 to return it to China, especially when their website says they are located in Houston. They said I had to send it back to get a refund. So if I choose this option, i will be out another $75.00 for shipping it back. This company is a scam and is taking people’s money and offering only 30% back. They offer no other resolution and stopped all email communication with me. I told them that is was unfair and that I would be sure to let people know not to order from them as they are scamming people out of their money.

  7. Lily De jesus

    I wish I’d seen these reviews sooner. I just ordered a violin rug 4 days ago. If it is in fact a scam, why has this site not contacted Facebook and avoid others being scammed? What can I do to cancel? I’ve received no response other than my order is being processed.


      Today will mark the third day we have reported copyright infringement to FB they are giving us the run around as we are trying to get the images they stole from FolkNFunky off Facebook, he is selling on their shop now and marketplace. He is selling as his own. These are original designs from our business he has no rights to or does he have the designs to create the product. I am finding working with Facebook and the reports very frustrating and time-consuming and feel even though the evidence is right there in front of them they are slow to react.
      Azcozy just keeps making more Facebook pages. If you’ve been ripped off please contact FB

        1. EL Ledbetter

          They have about six more pages up now – all starting with AZcozy – all have different cities/states in the US. It’s all the same AZcozy, though.

        2. Patricia A Toscano

          That’s a lie they are still on facebook with other companies just like them facebook is responsible for allowing this I lost over $100

  8. Jamey

    I too was scammed! Ordered what I thought would be a large beautiful sunflower “rug” for $89 which advertises on their website: “Enhanced soft pile…” and what I received resembled something more like an over-sized dish mat! At the same time, I also ordered two bedding sets ($79 & $59) which I haven’t received yet. I too emailed the company to try and resolve the issue. This is the response I received to my first email:
    Hi Girl,
    I’m so sorry for that. Can you please send us some pictures of the item and label that attached on the package? We’ll check your order and the images to find way to solve this problem.
    This is the response I received to my 2nd email:
    “Hi Girl,
    We’re really sorry for that. We’ll try to enhance our product to satisfy our customer. To deal with your problem, we place an 25% refund for you as a compensation and offer you 30%OFF code for the next purchase. Please accept my sincere apology.
    (Her last name is showing up as Nadermann)
    I’m currently waiting for a reply to my 3rd email asking for a full refund. But I suspect I will get the run around like the rest of you.
    I plan on getting the word out to as many people as I can to let people know about this scam. Lesson learned.

  9. Susan Aughey

    Too bad I didn’t see all of these ahead of time. I also purchased something from these folks. I guess I got off easy, I only bought a fleece blanket for 49.99. It took a month to get here and only after I sent an email. I also got a response from Ginana Nadermann. It arrived and it literally fits in a ziplock bag and looks like someone who was drunk sewed it. Next time I will stick to reputable companies. Live and learn.

  10. Sue Webb

    I bought 2 rugs for 119$. They are so disappointing. Design is fuzzy, very poor quality materials. Don’t waste your money.

  11. Mel Crews

    BUYER BEWARE!!! Do NOT buy anything from this company. If you receive your order it will be after 4-6 weeks of waiting. It will come from China and the quality will be garbage. You will not get a refund. STAY AWAY!!!

  12. M. A. Lacey

    I’m afraid I too have been very disappointed with the quality of the product. Ordered first of September received them on October 11/19. The two rugs arrived in a ziplock bag. Not rugs at all but very thin mats. The design was blotchy and most colours missing. Certainly not like they were advertised at all. You can return the products but you must pay the shipping cost to China not Texas as stated. During the ordering process you hear from the company stating your product is being made and rechecked for quality of the design several times I. The first two weeks. Totally misleading. They as you to rate their Customer Service at that point after several updates. Unfortunately, they most likely know you won’t be giving them a good rating when you actually receive their products. Lesson learned too late!!

  13. Patricia Brown

    This company is a scam and a fraud. I purchased a rug on October 2nd. I received an email saying that the product will be shipped in 4-6 days.
    Nothing has ever been shipped. This was not a “custom” rug. You get these update emails after you place the order that makes you think it’s legitimate. It’s a nightmare. DON’T PLACE ANY ORDER WITH THIS COMPANY. They are crooks!!!!!


    They are thieves, no different than if they went into your retail store and robbed you while you were asleep and the next day set up a discount store selling your original products in your parking lot, only problem is there are no internet police to call. They have stolen a lot of our images from our website FolkNFunky. They have no way to send the products to you as they do not have the designs to create the product. so if you purchase one of them you are either going to get a super cheap imitation or nothing at all.
    This company is using a lot of United States addresses and has several Facebook pages from several states, one address we researched was a park, one was simply a park, the other storage shed, one was a small home in NJ.
    Not only are they scamming consumers they are harming legitimate small businesses.
    They are using the BBB logo and claiming they are BBB accredited. The BB is seeking legal action against them as well.
    This is not a United States company, nor a drop shipper. This is a fraudulent company, using stolen images, reviews, and credentials who are trying to gain wealth by scamming the consumer. Buyers beware the holiday season is here dont be scammed.

  15. Mary Jo

    So I made a purchase from Cozzian and it appears to be the same thing as Aczozy AND it is the exact same address to make a return as Azcozy. Did anyone actually receive a refund? They finally said they would give me a 100% refund but it will cost me $30 to ship it back to China.

  16. ana

    all of these comments are what happend to me as well ordered a softball blanket for my daughter and it came 5 weeks later and says goddaughter on it. they said 50% refund and 20 percent off next order..i want full refund and not paying 75 to send….still trying to not loose my cool BE CARFUL DON’T DO IT!!! FACEBOOK ADD

  17. bruce wagar

    I wished too that I would of known this is a scam Ordered a rug took 6weeks and there is no quality wasted off money and time

  18. Kay Fessler

    This company is a SCAM! Beware! I bought a blanket which took six weeks to arrive. I would get emails every 4-5 days letting me know order was received, order was complete, some of my order was on the way (I only ordered one item) the order was shipped. This took nine days. I received the blanket 26 days later. It was not as described on the website. Was to be Sherpa lined, it was a chintzy plush of some kind. I contacted the place six times trying to get my money back. First they offered me 14.98 refund on a 59.90 purchase. I opened a dispute with Pay Pal after I refused this refund. Then they asked for pictures of the blanket, shipping label and the package,which I sent them. Next they wanted me to send it back. I refused to pay another 36.00 to send it to China!.
    This is still ongoing. Waiting for Pay Pal to resolve this.
    My advice? Stay away from this place It is a scam!

  19. SUSAN


  20. Diane

    Truly a scam company. Not based in Texas. Product pictured on site is not what you will receive. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. They keep changing their name. Be aware.

  21. Adam R

    Poor quality! Do not purchase from HM Cozy! The quality of your products is cheap and completely unacceptable! The so called “comforter” looks like a spray painted sheet. And the thing looked like it had been dragged behind a truck all the way from China because it arrived dirty and damaged. When I sent a message to HMCozy.Com “Lisa” said they will refund me 30% of my purchase price after I pay to have the items shipped back to their address in Shanghai, China! It cost $10 to ship it over here and was going to cost $96 to ship it back. HMCozy misrepresented their business by listing Sheridan, WY on their website! DO NOT BUY FROM HM COZY!


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