What is Propsdeco.com : Scam site exposed

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What is Propsdeco.com

Propsdeco.com is an untrustworthy online store that is selling deco for different occasions and for your home. Those who buy from this site which does seem some what innocent will risk getting scammed by them and will make a payment when they won’t be getting anything or will be getting items that are not worth the money they will have had paid. I’m sure you came across this site on Facebook and many other people too. In this review we are going to be assessing the legitimacy and trustworthiness of the online store to find out whether they are a scam or not and as you shall see the site is a scam. So if you have questions such as what is Propsdeco.com, is it a scam, legit, fake, fraudulent, honest, genuine, good or a bad online store to buy deco from then this review will be of help to you.


Scam signs

Propsdeco.com has quite a number of scam signs that we have managed to identify on the site. This makes then risky and definitely a scam as they would not have had tried to fake anything at all. The site tries to make you believe they were in existence a few years back and are recommendable when in reality they are just a new online store. A new untrustworthy store actually, according to the details of WHOIS we found out that the site was created in March 2020 and that is too new to be trusted.

Email: support@propsdeco.com

Tel: (412) 615-5424

Address: Pamela Blythe 224 Hope Circle, Florence, MS 39073 United States

The site also presents fake reviews to their potential customers. These reviews are on some of the products they are selling and they are all 5 star reviews, even for a legit site reviews can’t be all the way 5 star like it is here, people hardly rate anything 5 star. These reviews are fake and forged, they are dated way before the site was even thought of let alone created. They go as far as 2018 and 2019. I’m sure you can already see their intentions. As for the phone number you can try calling it and you will find out it is fake, the email address they give you won’t reply your emails once they scam you.


More about the site

They are just one of a large group of scam sites that have been created lately. Well the scam is an old scam where the scammer tries to make you send them money making you believe you will get your item but you won’t. The sites are using social media platforms where advertising is an option. Those who have¬† been scammed will advice you against such sites. You can check their whois details below.





Propsdeco.com is a scam store. They won’t send you what you ordered. If they do send you any thing or will be a fake item that will really disappoint you but usually you won’t get a thing from the.¬† Don’t buy from this site. If you have other questions regarding what is Propsdeco.com or have had some experience with the site please leave a comment below.

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