What is Honestscrate.com : Scam exposed

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What is Honestscrate.com

The online store honestscrate.com is a fake online store that is run by scammers who are trying to steal money from you in exchange for nothing or some counterfeit items. The site has been online for a short while and people have been getting varying experiences with them but one thing they never say is anything good about the site. So whatever you do just make sure you don’t pay this online store if you aren’t looking for masks or whatever they may be selling rather go buy from other sites and not from them. Now to answer your questions on what is Honestscrate.com, is it fake, genuine, fraudulent,  honest, good or bad site to buy from below you will find some of the scam signs we found.

Scam signs

Honestscrate.com has a lot of complaints from customers who have bought from it before.  These complaints include being sent tracking codes that don’t exist, using a fake address when they are actually operating from china, ignoring emails from the people that are complaining a tend responding with happy happy emails instead and not replying as should be done. A few people have claimed to have had received some items they ordered but want a refund because it wasn’t worth the money they paid and is definitely a scam. The site has fake reviews on their site to gain your trust but you can actually find the real reviews on their Facebook page if they don’t delete the comments from the angry customers.





After buying from Honestscrate.com there is one thing you should always expect and that is real disappointment.  You will risk getting counterfeit items or getting nothing in exchange for the money you will have had paid. The site is a scam and you are not advised to buy from them. Those who buy get scammed.  If you have more questions on what is Honestscrate.com or have had some experience with them please help us by leaving a comment below.

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