What is Lorr-mart.myshopify.com : Beware of scam

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What is Lorr-mart.myshopify.com

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Lorr-mart.myshopify.com a new online store that has been selling items for a cheap price or should I say claiming to be selling items for a cheap price. In this review we are going to be looking at this site to assess whether they are a trustworthy site or just another scam that should be avoided at all costs. Well as you shall see in this review this site is not really to be trusted and buying from them would be one of the worst things you could gave ever done online. As you shall see in this review this site is a scam and if they ever come up with an ad for you don’t trust them or buy from them. So if you have such questions on what is lorr-mart.myshopify.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, fraudulent, trustworthy, genuine, a good or bad site this might be of some help.


The truth about what is Lorr-mart.myshopify.com

Lorr-mart.myshopify.com is a fake site that is created only for the short run so  they can scam people and a after they get the mlney they want thry disappear and probably go create another scam site that they can raise up. This is not the first and neither is it the last scam as these scammers create a lot of these scam sites and you should be aware that they will not send you anything that they claim to be selling.

They are advertising using Facebook and Instagram and if you know any thing about these platforms you would know that they are the main play ground of these scammers. If you have been planning on buying from them we strongly discourage you to do so and we will in the section below look as some of the scam signs on this site that you must also look out for on other sites you come across. Below are the scam signs on Lorr-mart.myshopify.com.


Scam signs

Never trust an online store that is new and doesn’t have the seriousness of even getting their own domain name. This you can see because such sites use a name with the extension of myshopify.com. These sites don’t live for long and don’t intend to either. The site also is advertising unrealistic prices and promotions which are too good to be true. The site won’t live for long and as at time of writing the site has already disappeared if you type in their url. They are also too new to be trusted.The owner of the site is also unknown and hidden.





Have you been planning on buying from this site? Do not even if they ever pop back online because they won’t be around for long even then and they are just part of a large group of Scam sites that are scamming people using Facebook and and Instagram ads. They may send you nothing at all, or send you a counterfeit item or use your credit card details to charge your credit card more money without your consent. If you have more questions on what is Lorr-mart.myshopify.com or have been scammed by them please leave a comment in the comments section.

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