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What is Jacobesk.com

Hello guys and welcome to another review of a new online store that is getting a lot of people asking questions about them whether they are legit or not. I’m sure you may have already come across this site on Facebook, Instagram or any other platforms and so in this review we are going to be assessing whether they are to be trusted or not. Do not buy from this online store they are not to be trusted at all. No need to doubt this because we have been doing this for long and know what is real and what is fake and have done reviews on thousands of Scam sites. So if you have such questions as what is Jacobesk.com, is it a scam, legit, honest, real, fake, genuine, fraudulent, a good or a bad online store we hope that this review will be of some help.


The truth about what is Jacobesk.com

Jacobesk.com was create about exactly a month ago as at date of review. The site was not really as popular or getting lots of attention then but now looks like the site has started really advertising and catching people’s attention as more people keep asking the question about the legitimacy of the online store. The site is selling or should I say claiming to be selling clothing and shoes and many other stuff and the store is also quite pricey meaning if you get scammed you get to lose quite a big amount of money if not buying from their so called promotions.

Just like hundreds and hundreds of other scam sites that have been, are still and will be, in the future the site is using Facebook and Instagram. As good as these 2 platforms are and as popular as they are when it comes to ads on them it is always important to buy from the sites that you know well advertising there such as eBay. These new sites are nothing but bad news, hiding details from you, stealing from you and then they disappear. Below are some some of the scam signs that you will find on Jacobesk.com that are real important when it comes to identifying scam sites.


Scam signs

Jacobesk.com was only create early 2020 and is still a new online store. It is never a good idea to buy from them as more than 80% of these new sites advertising are fake sites and stealing from people. It was created on the 22nd of February 2020 and is too new to be trusted. They are also hiding their details of ownership at whois where sites registration information is available. For a site that is dealing with people’s money this information is mandatory. They have also not given a contact phone number. Common scam signs amongst scammers so that they don’t get tracked down and so scammers will always not provide a phone number to call or they will give you a fake one that doesn’t work. What do others have to say about this site? A lot of people have written this site down as a scam and have their own reasons for this.





Jacobesk.com is one of the many online threats that have been advertising and are not trustworthy. Do not buy from these online stores to avoid getting scammed. Those who buy risk making a payment and receiving nothing in return, there are also chances of receiving fake and counterfeit items. If you have more questions on what is Jacobesk.com or have been scammed by the site please leave a comment in the comments section.

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