What is Hitesport.space : Beware of Scam

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What is Hitesport.space

Cyber Theft

Hitesport.space also known as Pelican is a fake and fraudulent online store that is selling kayaks and some other items. Lately I have been interested in these kayaks selling sites as they have been a lot of them in the past month or so and they are all selling these for prices that are real cheap. This has led to people like you and others who come across this site to wonder if they really are for real. So in this review we are going to be assessing this legitimacy of this online store and try to help all those who have their questions about this site and whether it is a Scam or legit, fraudulent, good or bad site and what is Hitesport.space. So as you shall see from the red flags below the site is a scam site and not to be trusted.


Scam Signs

1. What they are selling

Well one might ask what does that really have to deal with the site being a scam or legit. As I have said tjerr are many of these kayaks sites lately and they are advertising on Facebook ad  have been reported so many times for being scam. This is the same with Hitesport.space, they are all scam sites and it is just a matter of time before people start realising they are not receiving anything after they have made a payment and delivery date is past.

2. Prices

Have you ever looked up the prices for these kayaks that are being sold for less than 90 bucks. They cost way over that and this makes the site really suspicious as the prices are all the same and anyone can tell they are too good and this is why people cannot trust the site.

3. Related sites

The site does look like a copy of some other site. There are many copies of these kayaks sites but this one has a name of another site in the footer and we looked up the site and found them to be another untrusted site.

4. Contact details

The site has not provided any contact details that are reliable. They have not given a phone number to call and what legit online store these days would fail to have a simple thing as a phone number. The links on the site to the social media pages don’t open any social media pages at all. As for the address obviously they have given a fake a one again

5. Age

The site is also still too new as it was created on 24 May May 2020 according to the registry whois details of the site.





The online store Hitesport.space is a fake and untrustworthy online store like the many other sites that are selling these kayaks and bicycles that you will come across. If you have been scammed by this kayak site or want to share yiur thoughts or ask more about what is Hitesport.space just leave a comment.

Good luck

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