What is Besttoolsi.myshopify.com : Scam or legit?

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What is Besttoolsi.myshopify.com

Besttoolsi.myshopify.com is a new and untrusted online store that is selling tools and clothes and a whole lot of other items. How about the prices? They are probably the reason why most people are interested in buying from them along side the ads that are being shown on Facebook. Somehow I feel that these ads should just screen out online stores to avoid getting people scammed as is the case with this so called Besttoolsi.myshopify.com site. As you are going to see as we review the legitimacy of the site you will find out that the site is a scam and not worth buying from and already some people are beginning to fall for it. If you haven’t already bought from them then lucky you and below are some reasons why you shouldn’t buy from them, ref flags that show that the site is not trustworthy.


Scam Signs

1. The prices

The first scam sites I came across on my hunt for scams were tool sites. They were the most trending those days and they are still there coming into the picture here and there and whenever I see a site that is selling power tools for cheap prices for example this site is selling those cordless combo tools which cost over 200 bucks on legit sites for 79 bucks and there is no such a thing. We have seen it before, many times and it is a scam bait so you buy from them.

2. The name

When you come across an online store that is advertising but doesn’t even have a registered or personal domain name them you know they aren’t serious at all and such sites that use the .myshopify.com extension are usually scam sites especially combined with all these scam signs here then it is definite that they are fake.

3. Age

Although this site clearly doesn’tĀ  have any registration details because they are using this name still we can tell the site is a new one. This is because when you create your own site naturally there are some infor that starts to show up such as cutest stats and this only comes in a few weeks or so and this site doesn’t have any such thing except a few reviews.

4. Contact details


Phone:(505) 283-6915

These are the only detailsĀ  that we have on the site and nothing else is known about it . I’m addition to that the phone number doesn’t work and it is fake and doesn’t belong to the scammers. They don’t have any real world address and there is no company behind the site.





You cannot really trust these .myshopify.com sites that cannot even buy their own domain name and there is every reason why you shouldn’t buy from Besttoolsi.myshopify.com and no reason to trust them. The site is a scam and those who have bought from them ate advised to set disputes to get their money back before the site decides to disappear for a while. If you have questions or more infor about any scam site or what is Besttoolsi.myshopify.com leave a comment below.

Good luck

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