What is Decayaeshop.buzz : Scam or legit?

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What is Decayaeshop.buzz

Decayaeshop.buzz which is also the same as zoneblow.xyz is a new online store that has been getting reported as a fake and fraudulent online store lately by a number of people who have come across the site. The site has been advertising on Facebook and most likely on other platforms too to get The attention they need and the people to buy from them. Please share your thoughts or experience with these ads and what you think about the site and also report any suspicious sites you may have come across. As you shall see in this review the online store Decayaeshop.buzz is not a safe site to buy from. For all those who may have questions such as what is Decayaeshop.buzz, is it a scam, legit, fraudulent, good or bad below are some of the scam signs on the site.


Scam signs

According to whois we just found out that the online store under the review has only been online for a few days. It was created on the 23rd of July 2020 and is still too new to be trusted.  The site is also using fake contact details. You won’t be able to call and get through the phone number and the address won’t be a legit one . Another thing is that the site is also selling sewing machines which are also being sold by other scam sites and the prices for the items on the site are just too good to be true.





Decayaeshop.buzz or zoneblow.xyz is not a trustworthy online store and is no doubt a scam online store. Do not buy from this online store to avoid getting scammed. If you have also been scammed by then or have more questions on what is Decayaeshop.buzz please let us know in the comments section and also share your experience with others.

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