Jobs at WHO (World Health Organisation) fake messages

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Jobs at WHO messages

Hey guys I’ve just noticed a lot of people forwarding me these texts in groups and so on claiming that WHO is hiring people to help out during covid. It claims that no experience is required and all you need to be doing is just sending messages. So I kinda suspected these to be scam texts and I just had to look it up. They say the due date is 31 July on the one that I got which I’m sharing below and if you have also across the texts please share and tell us what you think about these and whether they are a scam or not. I doubt everyone had ever got the job.


The text


Help us fight CORONAVIRUS by working from home – No experience required SMS sending JOB

*Work 2-3 hours daily on mobile*

*and earn $5-$100 daily*

Click Here And Apply Now

Vacancy till 31st july,2020


My experience with the texts

I don’t think these come from WHO at all. I just thought I should try them our name hey seem like the fake messages that also circulate in whatsapp claiming different deals where you will be told to forward the message to a certain number of people to get what you’ve been offered.

I don’t think WHO would be in need of a lot of people such that they would tell everyone to send it to 14 more people. I hardly see any legit stuff thats done that way. So after you forward the messages then what happens? So far no one has given me the answer to that but most likely is a scam and not a real job. There are lots of scam sites that are associated with these and it doesn’t even lead you to a WHO website but to some random site called Another thing is the amount of money that he guys will tell you you will be earning from it. I don’t think making money online is as easy as making 5 to 100 bucks per hour just by sending texts from bed. It’s too good to even be true.



Have you also received the texts? Sounds like one of those scams again tryna use people to complete surveys or visit their site. I don’t encourage anyone to take those stuff serious. Please share your hours about these whois job opportunity texts.

Good luck

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