What is Dearjohns.myshopify.com : Scam exposed

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What is Dearjohns.myshopify.com

Cyber Theft

Dearjohns an online store that is hosted at myshopify.com and located at Dearjohns.myshopify.com is a fake and fraudulent online store that claims to be selling a lot of stuff which we believe they are not selling. Quite a large number of people have been  asking about this site and as you shall see in this review the site is a fake site and should not be trusted and those who buy from them will risk getting scammed.

Have you also had some experience with the online store or gave you come across the site. Please share with us you thoughts and why you don’t trust this site enough to just buy from them.  To help all those with more questions on this site we are going to look into their scam signs which we managed to identify and you can also add to the list in the comments section.


Scam Signs

1. No domain name

The existence of a domain name simply show thay the site is registered and so in this case Dearjohns.myshopify.com is not register ed as they are using a subdomain name of .myshopify.com. This helps in hiding a whole lot of information about who they really are and usually sites that advertise using this subdomain name are scam sites hardly do you co.e across a legit site that is not serious enough to buy their own domain name.

2. Prices

The prices that are being charged on the site are too good and from the look of things almost everything on the site is being sold on promotion price and that is they are selling it at less than 50% of even 10% of the real prices. This is too good to be true and a common scam sign. They are also selling the commonly sold.items which are sold by these scammers which is the adjustable dumbells which cost way over the price set of 49$.

3. Hidden identity

Phone: (859) 183-2797
Email: juliabailey9068@gmail.com
Address: 620 Mallard Cove. Harrodsburg, Kentucky

The site is also hiding their identity by hiding who the real owner of the site is. This cannot be seen as the site is not registered and the site has also provided some fake contact us details on their page.  You can try calling the phone number but it won’t work because it is fake and doesn’t belong to them. Email address might be an existing one but only for sending out fake consolation and fake tracking codes. The address which they claims is theirs is obviously not their  either.





Dearjohns.myshopify.com is a fake online store and not to be trusted. Those who buy from the site will risk not getting any thing after they have sent their payment to the site and also if lucky you might get a counterfeit item which is not worth anything. The site will also disappear in time as always. If you have been scammed or have questions on what is Dearjohns.myshopify.com please leave a comment or if yiu gsve anything to share or a scam to report.

Good luck

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