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Bestvaluediscountstore review

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of the online store The site has been reported as an untrustworthy online store by those who have come across it probably through some ads. If you have also had some experience with the site maybe you have bought from them or maybe you have a site that you also would to report that is also suspicious, please share your experiences in the comments section and help us help others as to whether the online store is a scam or a legit site. So if you have questions such as what is, is it a scam legit,, fake, fraudulent, good or bad this review might just be of some help.

The truth about

Best value discount store is supringly containing one if you try to open it and this means they don’t show any other page when you visit them through typing their Url. This is phishy because there are people that have claimed they have been scammed or have been  on the site that is buying real stuff from it and not just viewing this page they have on their site.

The page we believe is a way for you not to be able to access the pages of the site that show the items they sell and so from another perspective they don’t really have anything they are selling tight now then why is everyone asking all those questions about them? Because they are advertising on some platforms just like any other scam site is doing and once you CLICK the link to the site it will take you right to the thing you want to buy and this is probably because they are real cheap otherwise people wouldn’t be looking for them. Please let us know what the site has been advertising to you and any information about them. Below are some of the scam signs to watch out for.

Scam Signs

The fact that you can’t reach the product when you go to their site directly shows the site is a fake online store and this trick is being used by many scam.sites where you won’t see the itmes they were advertising unless you visit the link they will have had advertised. Everyone who will have had bought from The site will be totally shut out from the site and not able to access it.

The site is said to have had been created in 2015 but this date is the date the domain name was registered and bought and this domain name was not really in use over the past few years and there are possibilities that this domain name was bought from a pre owner. You should also check the prices that are charged by the site scams always charge prices that are too good to be true.



Address: 1st April Str., 143

Office 201 5281 Paralimni, Famagusta


Tel: +357 2320 2030

Fax: +357-2320 203

Below is a review shared at OTA.

June 29, 2020 at 7:11 PM by an anonymous user from: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

*A Warning To All*

I was just scammed by this site…

Beware – Don’t Go To This Either:

Beware – These sites change on a daily basis – their certificates change very quickly.

I am usually a quite careful shopper – however, I guess it was just my time…

I saw this off of the web site as a sponsored link – they are infested with these links!

I was looking for the prices of PlayStation-4 consoles. At this time, Game Consoles are quite missing from stores (CONVID-19 reasons). I have a birthday coming up, and this was being advertised at $80 dollars (these things are $350 or better). I wasn’t thinking – I went there.

The site is quite clean, and looks like many other online stores. In my case, they had a count-down timer and only 18 left – with these kinds of stimulus, it is hard to resist.

So, I (as a fool) went for it. The first sign that this was a SCAM was that the contact address was a yahoo account. It looked like this was a legit site, why yahoo – why not a corporate site? This was on a Saturday night (yet another problem) – there was no way I could do anything…

Next clue (on Monday morning) they attached a USPS tracking number – novel, since that seems respectable, however, most site want to discuss mailing options when you purchase their products. The USPS tracking number was from a month earlier – and they attached the cost to the initial purchase – which was already accepted by my bank at this time!

*But* *always* If it is too good to be true, it is! They deal thru PayPal.

Note: PayPal hung up on me while I was attempting to call (initial call to them) to find out what to do to stop these people from pulling funds from my account.

The only thing you can do (if you are a victim of this) is to just block payment from your debit card – in other words contact your bank and get a new debit card – they won’t cover your losses or stop any payments.



Verdict is not a trustworthy online store. Those who buy from the site risk ha ing their credit card details.used and overcharged. You may buy from the online store and not receive the time.that you paid for and also might receive some counterfeits. Please share your views and experience on what is and help us help others.

Good luck

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