What is Bitaeon.io : Is it a scam?

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What is Bitaeon.io

Hello guys and welcome to this honest review of Bitaeon.io. In this review I’m going to try and help all those who are struggling on whether they should invest in Bitaeon.io or not. So if you have questions such as what is Bitaeon.io , is Bitaeon.io a scam, paying, honest, real, trustworthy, legit, fraudulent, genuine, good or bad site to invest in then this review is the perfect review for you, I have had to look at what others are saying about this site and this is going to be taking all that into consideration, with the people’s interests at heart. Every bit of this review matters, I’m sure this will be an eye opener.


What is Bitaeon.io. Is it a scam?

Well I’m never really on the side of investment sites because these sites always seem to scam people and so they are not really good for anyone. 98% of the hyip sites I have had to review have been scams so if you are a newbie in the make money online Niche I would advice that you keep away from investment sites and try out something that is risk free which doesn’t involve you having to invest your money. You can also check out my most recommended way to make money online, the home of affiliate marketers. At the end of this review of what is bitaeon I’ll also provide information on some hyip site that has been confirmed by many investors to be paying since it’s launch in 2017. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE HOME OF AFFILIATE MARKETERS.

Now if you have read some other reviews of Bitaeon then I’m sure you have come across some sites that have labeled this site a scam, that could be true, but I haven’t come across anyone that claims they have been scammed by the site. So even though some reviewers say that some people have approached them saying they have been scammed I don’t believe it because so far i haven’t come across any.

Now it Is very possible that this site may later on turn into a scam. I don’t believe this site will be paying forever thay can’t be done, at one time they will have to cease, shit will happen and the thing will come to an end. And possibly it could be a ponzi scheme, a scheme where people are paid using their own money and that of other investors, but considering the fact that the sire has been on for quite some time now it Is impossible for it to be still in existence whilst they are still paying their investors. So the site really uses the money you invest to make more money but you won’t be getting paid forever.


In every investment site there is always a risk involved, a risk of losing your money. If you are a person who is into hyip sites then I’m sure you are a person who takes risks and you can take this one,  so since anything can happen and things can change you want to make sure that you invest only the money you can risk losing. If you are not ready to take any chances of losing your money and still want to make money online you can try the forex trading for yourself and see how it works out for you or you can try out this site that has been helping people make money online since 2007 in an entrepreneurship and scam free way, you get to start your own online business and they help you from stage 1 till you can make thousands every month from it and in a few months time from now you may be getting 4 figure every month. CLICK HERE TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS ONLINE.


Now below are a few reasons why I’m saying this site can’t really be labeled a scam.

1. No scam reports

When I talk of scam reports I’m not talking of what some reviewers are saying, Im talking of what investors are saying. I don’t know any investors who claim they have been scammed. So long people are paid then that is fine. If you check on some of the review that claim the site is a scam you will find comments from different people that say they have been paid and are still gettimy paid.

2. Facebook platform allows criticisms

As far as I know scams don’t give you a platform to criticise them because it drives away some potential investors. Bitaeon.io has a Facebook platform and anyone can post what they feel about the site. If you want to you can try and see what I mean. If it was a scam I know there would be lots of criticism on their Facebook platform.

3. The site was registered for longterm

Another way you can identify a scam is by checking how long they intend to stay. This Site was registered for 4 years ( 2018 to 2022). Scammers are broke people and they wouldn’t want to waste their money registering a site for the long term when they don’t intend to do so.




Why you would want to be careful with bitaeon.io

You also would want to be careful not to invest too much. No one knows the owner of this site this is why investment sites are risky, they never really tell you the owner. So if the guy is not loyal at heart then he or she will just walk away with people’s money like what other sites do.

Time tested site

There is also another site you would want to check out if you are interested on hyip sites. It was created in 2017 and up to date there are no scam reports, no complaints and at times it even has to prevent people from joining the site to make sure that they can manage the investments. This Site belongs to DER Global limited and I have made a review that is fully detailed about the site. Would you rather invest in an HYIP site or build your own business online that will earn you passive income at Wealthy Affiliate my top recommendation without investing?





What do you think about what is Bitaeon.io? Do you think this site could be a scam? Have you had any experience with this site before? If you have please leave a comment and let us know of your experience.

Good luck




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