What is Axenroin.com : Scam reviewed

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What is Axenroin.com

In this review I’m going to be looking i to Axenroin.com to help all those who may be trying to figure out whether they should invest in this site or not. After this review one should be able to make a clear cut decision  after being well informed about this site and it’s operations and its real intentions. So if you have questions such as what is Axenroin.com, is Axenroin.com a scam, honest, paying, fraudulent, genuine, fake, trustworthy, good or bad investment site then you will find this review to be of much help and will be quite an eye opener as it answers all those questions.

What is Axenroin.com Review

Axenroin.com is what can be known as na HYIP site. Now if there is anyone thay k is anything about HYIP sites them you would definitely agree with me that more than 95 % of hyip sites are 100% scams. Could this site be one of the less than 5% that are legit and honest. If you ask some people they will even tell you there is no such thing as a legit hyip site.

They could be true but the real truth is there is no such thing as a risk free hyip site. Whether by mistake or by misfortune or by being scammed you can lose your money. But it hardly happens by mistake, it’s always by being scammed. Now Axenroin is I’m just one of the 95% scams and you wouldn’t want to get involved with this site as you shall see in this review of What is Axenroin.com. If you are a newbie who is just looking for some way to make money online i would advice you against this site. I would advice that you try out something time tested, legit and scam free and I know just the perfect site for you where you won’t have to invest anything even though it may take you a few months to start earning 4 figure per month but it is totally worth it. It is affiliate marketting the Wealthy Affiliate way.



How Axenroin scam works

Now these hyip scams operate in different ways to scam people. Some may be very selfish to the very extent that they don’t pay any investor back, they keep every cent that people send for investment and when they see that the people are now aware of the scam and that they may get caught if they stay online they may the  delete the dite and run with the money resulting in a lot of people losong their investments.

Now there is also some hyip sites that are a little long term minded and may use what is known as the ponzi scheme. The ponzi scheme is whereby investors invest and will be getting paid their money using the money that they invest..older investors getting paid by money form the new investments. Obviously since the repayment is being done at am interest there will be an imbalance between the money they are supposed to pay investors and the money they are getting so the scheme doesn’t last long but the sire gets many referrals.

Those who will have had gotten lucky to get paid by the site will join the referral program and with payment proof get some referrals and more people get into the trap. Then  all of a sudden when the site has many investors and many people it stops paying and disappears, deletes the site and goes away. So this is why you want to be careful about the site you invest in.

Proof that Axenroin.com is a scam

1. Fake Company details

Little things that matter and that people usually overlook, the existence of the company. Does the company claimed really exist. This Site claims that it has a company that is in the UK and gives us a registration number for the company. Although registering a company in the UK online is very easy and cheap ( that is why most scams have these) some sites also don’t do it, they just find another company’s details that they can use as their own.

If you lookup the registration number that is provided by Axenroin it belongs to another company which was registered in the UK. This company no longer exists, it was dissolved in 2017. So if there is no company it simply means there is no way to generate profit from the investments and no way to pay investors and frankly the sires doesn’t seem to have any business plan. They just say give us your money and we will give it back to you with interest. Where will they get the interest? The fact that they just lied about a company that doesn’t exist shoukd tell you right then that you are walking on dangerous waters.

2. Unrealistic returns

The returns that the site promises to investors may look insignificant compared to other sites but these are actually huge when we look at the time frame in which they are supposed to be earned. Whenever you see a site that promises hourly returns then you have to be careful.

For example the site claims that you make 50% profit in 3 hours, which means you get 150% returned to you. Making money online does exist but that doesn’t mean money can be earned so easily. It may take a month or  months for a firm to get back 50% profit and 3 hours just because It is an online thing? Not possible.

Legit site to make money online

If you are interested in making money online other than the investing way ( mean you have to work for it) you can try out my #1 most recommended and well paying website. The only way to get a financial break through is by building an online business that can earn you income even after you stop working on it. Thousands of people are making 4 figure passive monthly income at Wealthy Affiliate using trusted online stores like Amazon, totally scam free.


Axenroin.com isn’t a make money online site, it is a site where you get tricked into giving someone your money and get scammed. Afyer that you won’t even be able to report it back are you won’t  know who scammed you. Do not invest in this site. If you however do choose to do so invest only the amount you can risk losing. What do you think about what is Axenroin.com? Do you think this site is a legit site to make money. Please share your thought in the comment section below.

Good luck

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