Tireddoggy.icu review : Beware of scam

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Tireddoggy.icu is a site that claims to be selling multiple things at prices that would be in a way astonishing. The site sells the most common products on current scam sites that is the bean bag and some tool boxes and electric tools and ipads and a whole lot of other things at prices that are no doubt just too fake and unrealistic such as a complete set of tools being sold for $0.99.

Is tireddoggy.icu really a legit site and a jack pot that you just hit or this is just about the first time you get scammed online if you have never been scammed before. Well if you have been scammed in sure you can tell this is a scam and this is what we shall looking at just now.


Scam signs

On this online store we have found many scam signs that leave us with no doubt that it is a scam. The first one being the fact that the prices are just too good to be true as we have already discussed. The scammers also don’t have any genuine phone number to call or an addrss where they can be found.

They display the email address Tonyamorgan19775@gmail.com but when u click on it it sends a message to alvinmurphy82@gmail.com which is a scam email address that we know quite well because it has been used to scam so many people on different sites.



Time fails us to tell you of many other scam signs such as they buy 2 get one for all products promotions and how new the site is many other stuff. All we can tell you is to keep away from this tireddoggy.icu  site because it is 100% a scam online store. If you have any further questions pertaining to our tireddoggy.icu review leave us a message in the comments section.

Good luck

1 comment on “Tireddoggy.icu review : Beware of scam

  1. Rebecca

    Wow I have to say I wish I would have done a little research before going to this site and actually spending money…. I feel so dumb and sadly I know better then to fall for this crap….
    So now it is onto calling my credit card company explaining to them what happened, flagging the charge as a fraud charge against this so called company, get my money refunded to me from the bank however they do that.
    Then i shall go onto our wonderful social media and post a giant SCAM ALERT post to warn others of this so called Discount Store Online aka http://www.tireddoggie.icu.
    After all that is said and done if there is a way to actually write a review trust me when I say it is going to be a review that hopefully will save others from making the same mistake i just did.
    Thank goodness I only spent $6 and not like $2 or $300……
    Thank you for your article it was helpful…. Also fyi, when you go on incognito mode in your browser and look up the company it actually doesn’t come up but freezes your system up.


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